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10 BestGore Alternatives in 2024

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:December 27, 2023
Category: Video

Watching YouTube videos is interesting, but users keep on searching for attractive websites with unique videos. Bestgore is a famous Canadian website that provides gore-like stuff. General dance videos, mimicry, and music launches are boring, but gore-related videos are the reality that provokes shock and excitement in today’s users—BestGore telecasts such videos.

If you are a fan of violent photographs, blood-filled videos, self-harming recordings, homicide films, etc., sites like bestgore would interest you. Many alternative websites provide similar videos. We have discussed the top 10 alternative websites here.

10 Best Dreadful Websites like BestGore to Watch Gore Videos

Check some alternative websites like bestgore that offer the same content here.

1. The YNC


📺What to Watch: Bloody-filled videos, horrible accidents, suicides

YNC is a top website that includes harsh executions of real-life incidents such as natural disasters, fatal accidents, dirty sex scenes, war footage, etc. The site is famous for bizarre stuff that raises a feeling of sudden shock.

It is an open site that allows users to post shocking videos in different categories with like and dislike options. It is also famous for its numerous links to peculiar comedy web pages.


  • Public video-sharing platform.
  • Watch videos for free.
  • Share videos on third-party platforms.

2. Document Reality


📺What to Watch: Videos related to murders, deaths, suicides, and accidents

Document Reality is another unfiltered website that is known for streaming real-time suicide and murder videos. The site is also famous for its genuine medical autopsy videos and is also known for its photos and videos of coroner jobs and funeral businesses.

The free video viewing limit is restricted, and the website updates the free videos randomly every 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Not for users under 18 years old.
  • Pay a one-time donation fee of $20 to use the website.
  • It shows the truth of our world but does not support violent acts.

3. The Damaged Corpse


📺What to Watch: Unedited movies, vocal anecdotes and scary audio tales

The French website is famous for delivering scary material that does not get to mainstream media. The website includes horrifying videos of real-life fatalities, human anomalies, suicides, and accidents.

Damaged Corpse is an excellent platform with real-life incidents and exciting videos of inventive artists with masks, collages, and dolls. The site delivers the international message of holy creeps to create a sense of shock in humans.


  • It is well-categorized, with shocking videos in each category.
  • New stuffs are updated daily.
  • Meaningful interface with varied features.

4. The Blood Factory


📺What to Watch: Horror shorts, videos, clips, and movies.

The Blood Factory is a free online horror website started by horror fan Danny DeVito. The website telecasts some of the uncensored horror videos and films of blood and violence.

The website is famous for its horror shorts published under the name splatter-cuts. The site also broadcasts weekly movie reviews of horror movies. It has scared audiences many times with its in-depth analysis of scary films.


  • Easy-to-use interface, available for 18+ viewers.
  • Accessible all around the world.
  • No personal login details are required.

5. Hoodsite


📺What to Watch: Criminal footage of robberies and fights

Hoodsite is a famous online video community that allows sharing videos about events of crime, accidents, robberies, and fights. The website is the world’s fastest-growing community, with millions of users worldwide.

The site has well-defined categories with multiple videos in each category to watch. The user-friendly website offers a wide range of gore videos to watch without any fee.


  • Comparatively softer gore videos
  • Powerful search engine for easy video search.
  • More than fifty thousand videos with a daily update.

6. Body Modification Ezine


📺What to Watch: Videos of tattoos, scarifications, and piercings

BME is a website known for its disturbing videos related to tattoos and piercings. The website includes over 14,000 videos and around 3.5 million photographs of tattoo intricacy and body modification that are close to gore.

The website is famous for its ultimate coverage of unique ceremonial piercings followed in some cultures. The website also covers videos and photos where the body is subjected to pins, needles, and ink for tattoos and piercings.


  • Few categories require a membership.
  • Multiple categories with varied videos.
  • Let users post their videos of piercing and their experiences.

7. Deep Gore Tube


📺What to Watch: Explicit videos of accidents, animals, war, punishment, and CCTV

Deep Gore Tube is a bestgore video website famous for its unedited gore-related videos. Deep Gore Tube is a favorite video-sharing platform with a complete video library of explicit content accessible in simple clicks.

The website is an internet channel that also acts as a news-sharing platform with several interesting, uncensored videos.


  • Require registration and login details.
  • Video categories are accessible at a click.
  • Let you freely explore, stream, and share videos.

8. GoreGrish


📺What to Watch: Videos and images of corpses, accidents, suicides, beatings, necrophilia, and murders

This BestGore alternative website telecasts videos related to suicides and accidents with a feature of likes, hate, and comments. GoreGrish offers a complete online platform for viewing over fifty thousand gruesome events.

GoreGrish is the fastest-growing site with unlimited features such as video playlists, category tabs, history, recommendations, a page for trending videos, discussion boards, total views on every video, etc. Users may skip the unwanted videos or can modify the play speed.


  • Account registration is required.
  • Offer innovative search engines to search videos.
  • Find particular users, their videos, and pictures.

9. Deadhouse


📺What to Watch: Gore news and films

Check this attractive gore-related website to view extreme gore videos. The online networks allow users to share their videos in different categories.

Deadhouse is famous among users for its daily updated videos. The website offers comprehensive features for ease of use, full-screen viewing, volume control, and video quality choices.


  • Standard layout with a robust search bar.
  • Different categories for easy video access.
  • Simple interface for ease of use.

10. Kaotic


📺What to Watch: Horror, gore, violence videos and photographs

Another website worth watching for gore-related videos is Kaotic. The large live-streaming platform of the website amuses viewers with shocking gore videos.

The website also provides a view to funny user uploads for a change. Kaotic also allows users to save their favorite videos and share them with others.


  • Numerous categories provide a wide variety of content.
  • Simple search bar.
  • Free-to-use website that allows user contributions.

Can We Download Gore Videos?

The answer is: Yes.


Watching gore videos is fun, but what if you need to share it with others? If you wish to keep a copy of the bestgore videos you watch, download them with the help of third-party bestgore downloaders. Try PPTube Video Downloader for efficient video downloading. The easy-to-use downloader lets you download thousands of videos in simple steps.

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Steps to Download Videos with PPTube Video Downloader

Downloading gore videos is easy with third-party downloaders. Check the steps here:

Step 1: Copy your favorite gore video URL

Visit the gore website, choose your favorite video, and copy its URL.


Step 2: Choose the Required Video Extension   

PPTube Video Downloader lets you customize the video output format. Choose the “Settings” button in the Download tab to customize photo, video, or audio resolution. Click the “Download and Convert to” option to select the preferred output format.


Step 3: Paste the URL and Save it On Your Computer  

Now paste the copied URL into the downloader and save the video on your computer to the preferred location.



Unsettling photographs, murder videos, images of fistfights, and homicide films may sound disturbing, but gore draws users’ attention quickly. Some viewers enjoy watching gore-related videos for fun. The websites listed above are entertaining to watch if you are among them. However, there exist many more websites that may fit well in the list, but these are some of the top gore alternative for BestGore that delivers perfect content to trigger terrible nightmares.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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