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Best Ways to Watch and Download Chinese Dramas

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:March 22, 2024
Category: Video


Do you watch Chinese dramas? Chinese dramas have gained popularity in the last few years. These unique dramas are enjoyed because of their beautiful themes and new stories. The Chinese like the exciting twists of these dramas, but it is equally appreciated worldwide for their heart-touching messages. Several Chinese drama websites let you enjoy these dramas free of cost. Viewers may dive into the vast collection of Chinese dramas on these websites. However, all websites that offer numerous choices for Chinese drama are only sometimes illegal. Are Chinese drama websites safe?

Websites that let you peep into a diverse collection of Chinese drama are not always legal and may unknowingly direct you to unknown malicious sites. Many times, you end up downloading an additional virus with your dramas. It is thus essential to choose only legal and safe websites to enjoy Chinese drama. A list of top websites is listed in this article. Also, know how to download these shows to enjoy them offline. The list of the top 20 Chinese dramas is also included in this article.

Top 8 Chinese Drama Platforms To Watch and Download C-Dramas for Free

Can you download Chinese Dramas? Most of the websites let you enjoy Chinese shows online with English subtitles. Some of these top websites also offer an offline viewing feature. So, if you wish to download your favorite Chinese drama to watch in areas without internet connectivity, switch to these websites to download and enjoy Chinese shows efficiently. The list of the top 8 Chinese drama websites is mentioned here.

  1. KissAsian


    KissAsian is a familiar name for Chinese drama fans. The website offers a variety of high-quality English-subbed Chinese shows. The website is convenient for enjoying the latest dramas, classic Chinese shows, and other exciting content. The website is popular among users because of its easy-to-use interface and no pop-up ads streaming.

    The famous website also allows Chinese drama downloads with English subtitles. KissAsian offers a download button with every video. The users may also enjoy the flexibility to choose the desirable video quality with every download. However, the download facilities are only available for registered users.


    • It is a fast-streaming website with smooth playback options.
    • It is a user-friendly interface with high-quality dramas.
    • It provides English-subbed Chinese dramas at no cost.
    • It ensures download facilities for registered users.
  2. iQIYI


    iQIYI is another helpful website that lets you enjoy unlimited Chinese drama online. The website is a way to explore original content from famous Chinese dramas. The neat and clean interface of the platform lets you easily enjoy several Chinese movies, shows, and anime content. The website also supports an advanced search bar to find your favorite show.

    iQIYI works well on Android and iOS devices and has about 500 million monthly active users. The website offers a great way to explore tons of free content. However, you may need a VIP subscription to access this leading Chinese streaming platform without issue. Users may enjoy almost everything on iQIYI, including Chinese dramas of varied genres, including romantic and comedy.


    • It ensures a great viewing experience with good streaming quality.
    • It offers free apps perfect for multiple devices.
    • It provides an intuitive design.
    • It is internationally accessible.
  3. YouTube


    YouTube is a well-known website that offers numerous full-length episodes from top Chinese dramas. The website ensures a great way to enjoy Chinese TV series with multilingual subtitles. The website also provides an enhanced search bar to search for high-quality C-dramas easily. YouTube is a free-to-all platform that also caters to some rare Chinese show gems and lesser-common titles, which are hard to find on other websites.

    YouTube provides a great way to peep into some of the latest Chinese dramas in the easiest way. The website is also a treasure for some fan-uploaded dramas with English subtitles. The platform lets you enjoy a diverse selection of great dramas. However, the website restricts downloading options. Refer to a reliable downloader for efficient chinese drama downloads choices.


    • It offers a diverse collection of legal Chinese dramas and shows.
    • The platform is user-friendly and free to use.
    • It includes a list of user’s uploaded C-dramas.
    • It requires a premium plan for offline viewing features.
  4. Dramacool


    Dramacool is a common platform for enjoying a variety of Chinese dramas. The website is loved because of its user-friendly interface and ad-free viewing. The website hosts a handy drama calendar that showcases a brief detail of upcoming shows. The easy-to-use website receives a regular update to add some new episodes from top C-Drama shows.

    DramaCool is a free-to-use website that offers a good collection of Eng-subbed Asian movies and TV dramas with English subtitles. However, the website lets you enjoy unlimited exclusive content with its premium subscription plan. The website is legal and safe and also allows efficient download options.


    • It includes user-generated content and reviews for every show.
    • It provides high-quality dramas with English subtitles.
    • It is a free-to-use website with easy navigation.
    • It offers a wide variety of high-definition Chinese dramas.
  5. Viki


    Viki is one of the highly trending websites for Chinese drama lovers. The website lets you access high-quality Chinese dramas, movies, and TV shows. Viki is famous because of its regular updates. The platform delivers a collection of the latest and most popular Chinese dramas. Besides Mainland Chinese shows, Viki also provides an array of Asian drama shows from other countries.

    Viki is a popular site among global fans because it hosts Chinese dramas with subtitles. The website also offers multiple language options. The platform shares free Asian drama online. However, viewers may obtain a subscription plan to access uninterrupted content on this website. The download facilities are also available but only for paid users.


    • The website is free to use without any registration.
    • It supports a smooth interface with multiple subtitle selection options.
    • It ensures download features only with a subscription plan.
    • It lets you access exclusive C-Drama content with an ad-free viewing feature.
  6. WeTv


    WeTv offers an extensive array of Chinese dramas in several genres. Users can enjoy some of the newly-released series in romance, horror, fantasy, action, etc. The popular TV streaming site provides a great way to enjoy free Chinese drama with English subtitles. The website hosts some of the famous Asian dramas for its viewers. The platform supports an enhanced search feature to peep into your favorite Chinese program.

    WeTv is appreciated for its simple and practical approach to displaying Chinese dramas with English subtitles. Most of the episodes on this platform are 100% free, but there is also a paid plan for viewers who wish to obtain the extra advantage of ad-free streaming material and a quicker download feature.


    • It offers a user-friendly interface.
    • It is an official and legal website for C-dramas.
    • It supports high-quality video streaming content.
    • It delivers a large selection of Chinese dramas with English subtitles.
  7. Youku


    Youku is another valuable platform for enjoying Chinese drama online for free. The website lets you enjoy high-quality content without signing up. Alibaba Group owns the website and ensures regular updates to provide the best and the latest C-Drama access. The site offers diverse dramas and shows in multiple genres, including romance, comedy, crime, adventure, and fantasy.

    Youku is famous for its easy interface. It supports an additional option to create your personal watch list to enjoy your favorite shows easily. The platform also offers an option to resume the show across different devices. The site is a widely preferred choice for viewing Chinese shows with English subtitles because each category is sorted according to the latest shows and ratings preferences.


    • It supports easy navigation to explore your favorite shows.
    • It offers free, high-quality Chinese dramas.
    • The website lets you view shows on multiple devices.
    • It provides an array of C-dramas in numerous genres without registration.
  8. MyDramaList


    MyDramaList is a fantastic website that offers a variety of Chinese dramas with English subtitles. In addition to Chinese dramas, the website also provides an array of dramas from other Asian nations, such as Japan and Korea. The website guarantees fresh C-drama content with frequent updates. The platform has a separate section to host well-liked dramas.

    MyDramaList is a popular choice among Chinese drama lovers because it offers helpful community tools, including an option for drama lovers to interact with each other, a rate and review feature, an option to share their favorite dramas, and a watchlist option. The website also offers tailored recommendations for its viewers.


    • It lets you create a personalized list of favorite dramas.
    • It supports a forum to discuss the favorites.
    • It provides a user-friendly layout for free access to Chinese dramas.
    • It lets you watch or download your favorite shows.

Best Way to Download Free Chinese Drama with Eng Sub Using PPTube Video Downloader


Can you download Chinese Dramas? Most of the websites let you download your favorite C Drama. However, some of these websites offer the offline viewing feature only with a paid subscription. Moreover, some websites that allow free downloading often open suspicious trap links and download viruses. The most reliable way to download these Chinese dramas is through a well-trusted third-party software. Trust the PPTube Video Downloader to download your favorite C-Drama in a few clicks.


  • It supports c drama download in up to 8k quality.
  • It lets you download videos in 20+ file formats.
  • It supports over 10000 website support, including YouTube, Facebook, instagram, Spotify,etc.
  • It ensures downloading with a 10X speed.
  • It downloads numerous videos with a bulk downloading feature.
  • It supports an inbuilt browser for advanced downloading.

Step-by-Step Process To Download Chinese Dramas

Step 1: Download and install the PPTube Video Downloader.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2: Open a website to play your favorite Chinese drama, and then copy the show URL.  


Step 3: The downloader will then let you choose the output format and video quality.


Step 4: Click the “Paste URL” button to start downloading your favorite show on your device offline.


Top 20 Chinese Dramas to Watch in 2024

Are you looking for top Chinese dramas to watch in 2024? Finding the best is difficult because the list is so long. There are various popular shows and series from China that are all appreciated by C-Drama fans. Check a few of them and watch them using the reliable china drama download website mentioned above. Check the top 20 Chinese Dramas here.

Chinese Drama Title
1. The Long Ballad
2. My Boss
3. My Best Friend’s Story
4. The Rise of Phoenixes
5. Go Go Squid 2 Dt.Appledog’s Time
6. Bai Guai Ye Tan Zhi Xu Ming
7. Rattan
8. Story of Yanxi Palace
9. You Are My Hero
10. Like A Flowing River 3
11. The Ghost Town
12. The Little Nyonya
13. Eternal Love
14. Wu Qi Zai Shang
15. The Story of Ming Lan
16. God Given Little Matchmaker
17. The Sword and The Brocade
18. Vacation of Love
19. Empresses in the Palace
20. Frozen Surface


Do you love watching Chinese Dramas? Watch with top websites. A list of the top 8 Chinese drama websites is mentioned in this article. Choose any of these websites to enjoy endless access to the most popular shows online. Most of these websites let you enjoy the latest C-drama online for free. Some of these websites also support an offline viewing feature. However, it is always better to prefer a reliable downloader to enjoy Chinese drama download free without any threat of virus or malware download. PPTube Video Downloader is a trusted third-party software that lets you download multiple dramas and shows with maximum quality.


  1. Can I Watch Chinese Dramas Online For Free?

    Answer – Many websites let you enjoy a variety of Chinese dramas in numerous genres. These websites are YouTube, Dramacool, Viki, WeTv, etc.

  2. Is It Safe To Download Chinese Dramas From C-Drama Websites?

    Answer – Even when several websites let you download your favorite Chinese dramas with or without a subscription, it is always advised to refer to a reliable downloader to download risk-free and virus-free C-Dramas.

  3. What Is The Most Reliable Way to Download Chinese Drama?

    Answer – Choose the PPTube Video Downloader to download your favorite C-drama efficiently. The advanced downloader lets you download videos in a breeze.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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