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6 Different Ways to Download Videos and Movies on Paramount Plus

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:January 11, 2024
Category: Video

Are you a big fan of popular movies and hit shows from big brands and top studios? Watch it with Paramount Plus. As a subscriber to Paramount Plus, you get access to 500 movies and about 400 TV shows from famous channels. Sometimes, you admire one of these movies or shows and wish to keep a copy on your device. What if you want to download this movie?


Can you download on paramount plus? The channel lets you view and download thousands of shows and movies. You may also download these shows using a third-party app. Check out the ways to download your favorite movie in this article.

How to Download Paramount Plus?

It is possible to download paramount+ on a computer or mobile device. Check the steps below:

Step 1: Get to the Play Store or download the Paramount+ app using the Paramount website.

Step 2: Once installed, you may open the app. Next, click on the Get Started option.

Step 3: Once you select your respective subscription plan, click Continue. You must create a new account.

Step 4: Enter details, including name, email address, and password, here .

Step 5: Once the account is created, sign in to Paramount+ login using your email address and password.

Step 6: Click Subscribe. Next, confirm your purchase by entering the details.

Step 7: Enjoy Paramount Plus .

How to Watch Movies on Paramount Plus? Check the Easy Ways Here

Paramount Plus lets you enjoy movies and shows online with two plans, Paramount+ Essential and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. The channel is a mountain of entertainment that lets you enjoy movies conveniently. Access the app and choose the movie option to access thousands of movies from famous brands.

Another way to watch movies with Paramount Plus is by downloading the movie to view it offline. Can you download movies on paramount plus? Yes, it is possible to download movies with Paramount Plus in different ways. Check some of the ways here.

How Do You Download Paramount Plus videos on Windows and Mac using the PPTube Video Downloader?


Do you wish to download videos with Paramount Plus? Do this with the PPTube Video Downloader. The PPTube Downloader offers an exciting video downloading feature with Paramount Plus. The downloader lets you download videos with a 10 X faster speed. Once downloaded, it is possible to enjoy these videos without an internet connection.


👍Supports bulk downloading for multiple videos.

👍It maintains video privacy for downloaded videos.

👍It lets you download in various formats.

👍Download without watermarks.  

👍Ensure downloading in simple clicks in seconds.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Launch PPTube Video Downloader 

Install and open PPTube Video Downloader. Get to the Online tab on the dashboard. Here, select Paramount Plus. You may also open the site by simply pasting the URL in the search bar.


Step 2: Get to your Favourite Video 

On the Paramount Plus website, select your favorite video to download.


Step 3: Select your Output Format

Next, click Download and Convert to option. You may select the preferred output format here.


Step 4: Check your Download 

Once the process is completed, the downloaded video will appear in the download section. Enjoy your video.


How Do You Download Paramount Plus Shows on Android using Paramount Plus App?

Can you download shows on paramount plus? It is possible to download shows from Paramount Plus on your Android devices. Paramount Plus Premium+ Showtime users can easily download shows, but if you are not a premium customer of Paramount+, download shows using Paramount Plus Downloader. The reliable downloader provides an easy way to download and view shows offline.

Paramount Plus Downloader is an all-in-one downloader that ensures an enhanced viewing experience without ad breaks. It is possible to schedule an automatic download for new episodes of selected shows from Paramount Plus. Once downloaded, the downloader lets you rename the downloaded files. There are several other features that this downloader provides. Check a few below.


  • It lets you download high-quality videos with enhanced sound
  • Support batch download for multiple show downloads
  • Provides a fast downloading speed
  • It enables you to save in easy-to-view formats

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Find and download the Paramount Plus Downloader app.

Step 2: Launch the app.

Step 3: Search for Paramount Plus or search the website with its URL in the search bar and click enter. Sign into your account to view the shows.


Step 4: Select the shows you wish to download using the Paramount Plus Downloader built-in browser.

Step 5:Select the output format and resolution and click Download Now.

Step 6: Check the downloaded video on your Android device.

How Do You Download Paramount Plus Movies Using Screen Recorders?


What is the easiest way to watch movies on Paramount Plus? Record the movie to view it later. Use a professional screen recorder to record a movie to view it offline. The intelligent app allows an easy option to capture the screen anytime. Once recorded, viewing the downloaded movies is possible even without a proper internet connection on multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, iphone, etc.

If you cannot access Paramount+ with the SHOWTIME plan, use a reliable third-party screen recorder to access movies. Check the features of the screen recorder here.


  • Let you record Paramount Plus screen smoothly
  • Record in the best possible quality with fine audio
  • Supports built-in video editor
  • Allows scheduling automatic recording for movies

Step By Step Guide

Recording Paramount Plus Movies Using Xbox for Windows 10 or 11


Windows supports a free built-in Windows Game Bar to record videos. Downloading videos with the game bar is easy. Check the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Paramount Plus website and play a video to record.

Step 2: Open the Xbox Game Bar manually or choose to open with the Windows logo key+Alt+R to enable recording.

Step 3: Use the Windows logo key+G to access Game Bar controls. Use Windows logo key+Alt+M to turn on and off the microphone during the recording.

Step 4: Press stop to end the recording.

Step 5:All recorded videos are automatically saved on Windows as MP4 files. To access the recording, click on Game clip recorded and then Open File Location.

Recording Paramount Plus Movies Using QuickTime Player for Mac


Mac supports a free built-in tool for automatic recording. Use QuickTime Player to record movies. Check the steps below:

Step 1: Open the QuickTime Player app.

Step 2: On the player, choose File and then select New Movie Recording option.

Step 3: Open the Paramount Plus website.

Step 4:Next, click the Options pop-up menu. Here, you can set the recording options.

Step 5:Play the video to record on the Paramount Plus website. Start recording by clicking the Record button. To stop the video, click the Stop button.

Step 6:Check the recorded video on your Mac computers.

Recording Paramount Plus Movies on Android and IOS Devices

It is easy to record Paramount Plus videos and movies using the built-in tools on Windows and Mac computers. Other devices, such as Android and IOS, also support built-in features to record movies with Paramount+.

How to Download Paramount Plus Movies? Use Pastedownload.com


How to download paramount plus Movies? Downloading movies is an excellent idea for viewing offline if the internet is unavailable. If you wish to download movies with Paramount Plus, use the professional downloader PasteDownload. The platform lets you download multiple videos from Paramount Plus. The simple-to-use website allows downloading in various formats to view it on multiple devices.

The Paste Download platform ensures quick and easy movie downloading in simple clicks. Download movies with this website without any sign-in or registration fee. Check the innovative features of the platform here:


  • Ensure a quick and intuitive downloading process
  • Guarantee safe download without trap links
  • Easy download without registration or installation
  • Download movies in multiple formats

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Open Paramount Plus, search for the movie to download, and copy the URL of the movie.

Step 2: Open the PasteDownload.

Step 3: Paste the movie URL in the paste section.

Step 4: Click Download.

Step 5:The downloaded movie is now available with all the details, including size, quality, and resolution.

Step 6:Right-click the downloaded movie and then click Save Link As. Now save it on your device.

Final Words

The best way to view shows, movies, and videos with Paramount+ is by downloading it. Downloading videos is easy with Paramount Plus. However, it allows downloading only to its Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan users. Others may use third-party tools, online websites, and reliable downloaders to download. Among some useful ways mentioned above, PPTube Video Downloader is the most trusted downloader.

PPTube Video Downloader allows paramount plus download in the highest quality. The efficient downloader lets you download videos and shows in a desirable output format. Choose the innovative PPTube Paramount Plus Video Download to enjoy shows offline.


1.Can you Download Paramount Plus Shows?

A.You can download Paramount Plus Shows using a video downloader, third-party software, screen recorder, and built-in software.

2.Can you Watch Paramount Plus Offline?

A.You may watch shows and movies on Paramount Plus offline or with a slow internet connection, but only with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan or by downloading it for later use.

3.Which is the Best Software to Download Paramount Plus Movies?

A.Among various third-party apps, PPTube video downloader is the most reliable for movie downloading on Paramount Plus.

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