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4 Best Ways to Download YouTube Live Stream for Free

By Maggie Last Update:July 15, 2024
Category: Video

Watching a YouTube live stream can be a fun and engaging experience. From concerts to product launches, watching live broadcasts gives you a sense of immersion. You may want to download a YouTube livestream to watch later or archive it for the future. However, YouTube does not provide a direct option to download YouTube live streaming.

Luckily, you can use a few straightforward methods to download YouTube live streams. This blog post will explore four of the best free tools and techniques for saving YouTube live videos to your Local Device. We have covered you whether you use a desktop browser or an Android phone.

Learn to record and download any YouTube live-stream broadcast for offline viewing and storage.

Download YouTube Live Stream on PC/Mac (Fastest)

PPTube YouTube downloader is one of the best live streaming app for youtube which is designed to help you record and save high-quality YouTube live videos on PC or Mac computer. It supports fast download speeds up to 8K resolution to download youtube live stream to MP4 or other formats.

PPTube youtube live downloader

Key Features of PPTube

  • UP to 8k video download:PPTube supports multiple resolution options including Best,8k,4k……
  • 10X faster download speed:PPTube supports 10X speed, so you no longer need to wait for a long time.
  • Support 1,000+other sites:PPTube supports a variety of popular websites, including YouTube.
  • 20+format convert:PPTube allows you to download videos in multiple formats,including MP4, AVI,MP3……
  • Bulk & Playlist download:PPTube can download multiple videos or your playlist at once
  • Built-in browser:PPTube has a built-in browser, so you can watch and download within the software
  • With PPTube’s easy-to-use interface, you can quickly download YouTube live streams by simply pasting the video URL. The software then detects the available formats and lets you select the desired output quality. It records and converts the live stream for smooth offline playback later.

    How to Download YouTube Streaming with PPTube

    Below are the step-by-step instructions to download YouTube live broadcasts using the PPTube downloader on your computer:

    Step 1 Copy the YouTube Live Stream URL

    Open the YouTube video page of the live stream you want to record. Copy the live video URL from your browser’s address bar. Paste this into PPTube to detect and download that live stream.


    Step 2 Set the Required Format

    Next, launch PPTube on your Windows or Mac computer. Click “Download To” to select the output format. Then click on the “Setting” button in the upper right corner of the interface, and set the video resolution/audio quality on the Download Tab.


    Step 3 Paste the YouTube URL

    Now click the “Paste URL” button in PPTube and paste the copied YouTube live stream link into the box. This will help PPTube analyze and detect the available formats for download.


    Step 4 Find the Downloaded Files

    Once PPTube has finished recording and converting the YouTube live stream, you can access the downloaded videos on the “Downloaded” tab in the software. All your saved live stream recordings will be available per the selected output format and quality. Double-click any file to play it back offline seamlessly.


    So, with just these four simple steps, the PPTube downloader enables you to capture and download high-quality live-streaming YouTube videos on your Windows or Mac computer for later viewing.

    Download Previous YouTube Live Stream to MP4 Online

    If you don’t want to download any software and hope to use for free, iViGo will be a great choice. It is a 100% free and secure video downloader that allows you to save streaming videos from over 1000+ streaming sites, including YouTube. You can use it oneline without installing any software. With iViGo, you will easily download YouTube livestream to mp4 format for offline viewing.


    pros Pros:
  • 1000+ platform support included YouTube
  • convert live stream to mp4
  • 100%free without registration
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • cons Cons:
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • Cannot batch download
  • Can only download “Past” live streaming videos
  • So, if you miss your favorite YouTube livestream event, iViGo will make it simple to download the archived video for offline viewing.

    How to Save YouTube Live Stream with iViGo

    Follow these quick steps to use the iViGo downloader for capturing YouTube live videos:

    Step 1 Copy the URL of the YouTube Live Stream

    First, open the video page of the YouTube live broadcast that already ended. Copy its URL from the address bar of your browser.


    Step 2 Paste the Copied URL to iViGo

    Next, go to iViGo site. Then open the iViGo video downloader homepage. Paste the YouTube live video URL in the input field and hit “Download.”


    Step 3 Download YouTube Live Stream Online

    Within seconds, iViGo will fetch the available formats of that video from YouTube. Select the MP4 format with preferred resolution if offered. Finally, Click on “…” in the bottom right corner of the newly appearing video page, and then click on “Download” to complete the process


    So if you miss the exciting live broadcast, you can use ivigo to download the live broadcast for free.

    Download Past YouTube Live Streaming for Android

    For Android users, you need a direct channel to download videos to your phone. You can give it a try on “iTubego”– one of the best youtube loive stream downloader app.With it, you can conveniently download videos from YouTube and 1000+ streaming platforms in high-quality MP4, MP3, and other formats. It has inbuilt converter to export live stream to MP4 in 4K resolution and support playlist/batch downloads. So, iTubeGo equips you to easily capture finished YouTube live content on your Android smartphone or tablet for later offline access.

    3 Steps to download youtube live stream using the iTubeGo app:

    Step 1 Find the Target Live Stream on iTubeGo


    You can search for videos on YouTube directly from within iTubeGo’s built-in browser. Alternatively, you can copy any video link and open the app to automatically import and detect it.

    Step 2 Set the Required Format

    Tap the download button and choose either MP4 video or MP3 audio format alongside the desired quality/resolution from the available options.


    Step 3 Download and Check Downloaded Live Streams

    Finally, hit download, and iTubeGo will record and convert the YouTube live video in the selected format. You can access downloaded files in the “Files” section of the Android app for instant offline playback.


    So, by leveraging iTubeGo’s fast performance and smart link detection, grabbing previous YouTube live content is extremely simple. Just copy-paste the URL and convert!

    Download Live Videos from YouTube Using Chrome Extension

    Finally, you can also choose to download using plugins. live stream downloader Chrome extension is an excellent tool for downloading YouTube live streaming broadcasts directly in the Chrome browser.


    It automatically detects ongoing and recorded live-stream videos on any website and shows available download formats. You can then easily download a YouTube live stream by just clicking to select the desired video quality, such as 720p or 1080p. The extension supports multi-threaded segmented downloading for faster speeds.

    How to Use Live Stream Downloader?

    Step 1 Install the Stream Video Downloader extension from the Chrome Web Store.

    Step 2 Visit any website to play a live stream or archive a YouTube event video.

    Step 3 When the toolbar icon changes color, click it to see detected formats.

    Step 4 Choose a quality, and the extension will download the live video to your PC.

    So, with this nifty browser-based downloader, you can efficiently download live streaming of YouTube videos without installing any software. It also helps resume broken downloads, download arbitrary files, and more.


    When it comes to easily and rapidly downloading YouTube live content, PPTube proves to be the most efficient software solution. With robust support for recording streams from YouTube and 10,000+ sites, ultra-fast downloading speeds, and the ability to convert videos into formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, etc., PPTube makes capturing live broadcasts extremely simple. The clean interface, smart link detection, bulk downloading capacity, password protection, and regular free updates establish PPTube as the best live-stream downloader.

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