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How to Download Shows and Movies on Peacock?

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:February 27, 2024
Category: Video


Are you a movie fan? Watch the latest hits and top movies with Peacock. Peacock is a popular online streaming entertainment website that offers original content. The website lets its subscribers enjoy endless movies and shows. The network provides two subscription plans: the ad-supported Premium and an ad-free Premium Plus plan. You may choose the Premium plan to enjoy online access to Peacock with wi-fi. Choose the Premium Plus Plan to enjoy the offline viewing feature for an enhanced viewing experience. What if you do not have these subscriptions?


Can you download shows on peacock? The Premium Plus plan lets you download and enjoy unlimited access to Peacock entertainment service even without an internet connection. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Peacock subscription plan. You may also download Peacock shows and movies with other advanced techniques. Check a few effective ways in this article.

What is Peacock?

Peacock is a live-streaming entertainment network provided by NBCUniversal. The platform hosts several entertainment shows and the latest movies from theatres. Peacock is a home for various famous TV shows and live sports. The channel is also a one-stop destination to enjoy Bravo hits and current NBC programs.


Peacock is an online platform that telecasts Sunday Night Football, Big Ten sports, WWE, etc. Sign up for Peacock and enjoy a good collection of movies and shows. However, you must obtain a subscription plan to enjoy unlimited access to its latest shows. How to download episodes on peacock using your paid plan? Does Peacock allow a download option? Yes, the Peacock Premium Plus subscribers may enjoy the easy download feature with Peacocks. Keep reading to know how.

How to Download Movies and Shows on Peacock?

Peacock is an entertainment network that is easily accessible with a well-working internet connection. However, sometimes, you may not have an internet connection and wish to download videos for offline access. The famous platform lets you choose from its two paid subscription plans to enjoy endless movies and TV shows online and offline.

Can you download on peacock? The Peacock premium plan allows easy online access but restricts offline viewing. To enjoy unlimited download choices, obtain its Premium Plus plan. Sign in with your Peacock Premium Plus plan to enjoy downloading your favorite shows in minutes. Sadly, the network allows downloading features for its few videos and supports about 25 downloads on a device. Hence, it is always better to trust third-party software and downloaders to download your favorite Peacock shows and movies. Some of the reliable downloaders are mentioned in this article. Check the steps to download shows and movies from Peacock using these techniques.

1. Downloading Peacock Movies Using PPTube Video Downloader


How to download virus-free Peacock movies? If you want a reliable downloader to download Peacock movies and shows without viruses or malware, choose PPTube Video Downloader. The efficient downloader lets you download multiple movies with the utmost quality. The software comes with an easy-to-install option and works well with all devices. Choose PPTube Peacock downloader to download videos in multiple formats.

Download and create your own Peacock movies playlist with PPTube. The downloader lets you download watermark-free and ad-free videos that are easy to enjoy offline. PPTube also supports an inbuilt browser that helps you search for your favorite Peacock movie and download it conveniently. The downloader downloads and saves the file on the device, which can be viewed or shared easily. Check a few features of the valuable downloader here:


  • It ensures high-quality Peacock movies download.
  • It offers the customizable option to select 20+ output format.
  • It supports over 10000 website support, including YouTube, Facebook, instagram, Spotify,etc.
  • It allows downloading multiple videos with its bulk downloading feature.
  • It will enable watermark-free and virus-free video downloads.
  • It is an easy-to-use software that supports ad-free video downloads.

Steps to download POPJAV videos using PPTube Downloader:

Step 1: Install PPTube Video Downloader

Go to the official PPTube website and acquire the PPTube.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2: Open Peacock to Copy the Video URL

Open Peacock and play your favorite movie or show. Copy the video URL.


Step 3: Select the Output Format

The downloader will then let you choose the desirable output format and quality for the video.


Step 4: Start the Download

Click “Paste URL” and view your favorite movies and shows on your device.


2. Downloading Peacock Movies Using an Online Tool


Can you download Peacock shows without third-party installation? Peacock Downloader is a famous online tool that lets you enjoy easy and efficient downloading from the Peacock channel. The downloaders use a copy-paste method, negating the need for installation. The downloader allows unlimited downloads even to the free Peacock subscribers. The downloader allows easy download choices into multiple output formats for better access to downloaded videos.


  • It lets you enjoy Ad-free shows and movies.
  • It supports multiple output formats.
  • It enables you to download without third-party installation.
  • It is an easy-to-use online tool.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Open Peacock and find your favorite show or movie.
  2. Copy the video URL.
  3. Open Peacock Downloader and paste the copied URL in the input box.
  4. The downloader will automatically extract the video using the URL.
  5. Click the Download button once the process is finished.

3. Downloading Peacock Shows Using Screen Recorder


Can you record movies on Peacock? If you cannot use a downloader to download your favorite shows on Peacock, you may choose to record the shows and movies. Does Peacock allow screen recording? The Peacock Entertainment Network has no default built-in recording button, but you may rely on third-party screen recorders to record and enjoy your favorite shows later.

Use a powerful screen recorder to capture and save the shows for offline access. The AceThinker screen recorder lets you record and grab the shows quickly. The enhanced tool offers a high-quality recording facility without watermark or ads. The recorder comes with an easy-to-install option that supports recording at a fast speed. The tool provides a recording scheduler capability that allows you to set a definite time for recording. The intelligent tool offers many features, some of which are mentioned below.


  • It supports a recording scheduler.
  • It allows high-quality screen recording.
  • It ensures downloads without a watermark.
  • It is a no-lag screen recorder.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Install Peacock Screen Recorder on your device.
  2. Open Peacock and play your favorite show. Choose the Video Recording mode and modify your preferred setting.
  3. Ensure you disable your Microphone and Turn on the Sound System audio.
  4. Select the recording output setting to choose the video quality in the Output menu. Then, click OK.
  5. Start recording your favorite Peacock show or movie by pressing the red button on the screen recorder. Click Stop to stop recording.
  6. Select to store the recorded video on your device.

4. Downloading Peacock Shows Using a Browser Extension


Can you add a Peacock Browser Extension to your Chrome? Yes, use a Peacock Browser Extension to enjoy an extended viewing experience with Peacock TV. The browser extension is a popular extension to the existing peacock network. Download your favorite shows on the go using this browser extension. Once installed, that extension will automatically display a download button below the movies and shows to allow easy download choices.

The Peacock Browser Extension also boosts the Peacock experience as it supports an easy option to adjust speed and remove ads. The extension installed on the browser negates the need for massive space for third-party software installation. The browser extension also allows a customized feature to choose the output format for download. Use the intelligent Peacock extension to enjoy an easy downloading feature to view your favorite shows offline.


  • It does not occupy any space on your device.
  • It ensures high-quality video downloading.
  • It is a free and straightforward extension.
  • The fast and efficient extensions support bulk downloading.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Find and add the Peacock Chrome extension to your browser.
  2. Open Peacock to find your favorite show or movie.
  3. Play the movie.
  4. The Peacock extension will automatically display a Download button below the video. Click the download button.
  5. The downloading process will automatically begin. Finally, save the video on your device for offline watching.


  1. Can You Watch Movies On Peacock For Free?
    Answer – Peacock is not a free streaming platform. Users must subscribe to any of its plans to enjoy movies and shows. However, the platform does allow its users a free trial.
  2. How to download movies on peacock?
    Answer – Users must obtain a premium plus plan to enjoy download facilities on Peacock. However, not all videos are available for downloading. Moreover, the website only allows 25 content downloads on a particular device. It is thus better to refer to a reliable downloader to enjoy unlimited Peacock movie downloads.
  3. Is Peacock An Ad-Free Website?
    Answer – The website promotes ads. Users may get several ads while watching Peacock movies and shows. However, Peacock is an ad-free platform only for its premium plan subscribers.


Peacock is an exciting platform for enjoying endless movies and shows. Users must obtain its Premium Plus subscription to enjoy downloading features. However, you may also use other reliable techniques to download Peacock shows. Some of these practical ways are mentioned in this article. Use any of these methods to enjoy endless video downloading on Peacock. Among so many options, choose PPTube to enjoy risk-free downloading. PPTube is a reliable downloader that allows free-of-cost Peacock movie downloading.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads
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