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How to Watch and Download Sling TV Video Offline

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:January 20, 2024
Category: Video

What is your favorite cartoon from Disney? How do you watch top happenings from CNN? Do this using Sling TV. Sling TV is an over-the-top cable service that lets you access over 30 channels. The streaming TV platform enables you to add premium channels at a nominal subscription fee. Enjoy sports, news, and other entertainment shows with this one-stop TV service.


Sling TV lets you enjoy unlimited entertainment with Wi-Fi. Enjoy watching varied shows with a properly working internet connection, but what if you wish to enjoy videos offline? Does Sling TV support offline watching? Well, if you don’t have access to the internet, you need to download videos with Sling TV. Know the easy way to download videos from Sling TV.

Can You Watch Sling With Vizio?

Vizio is a leading smart TV service offering endless entertainment options and easy access to popular channels like Sling.com. The Sling.com Vizio enhances customer experience with its unlimited online TV services. The Sling Vizio access negates the worries of a setup box or a cable wire.

Get an intelligent Sling TV subscription with your Vizio smart TV to enjoy top shows from all popular channels, including BBC, FOX, CNN, Disney, TNT, A & E, ESPN, etc, right on your smart TV. Vizio TV now supports the Sling app with its telecast services, but how to watch Sling with your Vizio smart TV? Know here how?

How to Activate Sling.com on Vizio?


You must complete an activation process to access unlimited Sling access using Vizio Smart TV. Choose among the varied Sling TV subscriptions to enjoy Sling on Vizio TV. Follow these simple steps to watch Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Open your Vizio Smart TV device and get to the home screen.
  2. Find the App Store.
  3. Find Sling TV using the search function.
  4. Download the Sling TV app.
  5. Open Sling and login using your credentials to sign into your Sling TV.
  6. Now choose your subscription plan by entering the Sling.com/Vizio activation code.
  7. Enjoy unlimited access to Sling TV with your Vizio TV.

How to Cast Sling TV on Your Vizio Smart TV?


Are you tired of connecting to Sling TV using a setup box on your TV? Try it with your Vizio Smart TV. Vizio now supports direct telecast to all the channels with Sling TV. The direct access negates the need to call an expert for setup support. Casting Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV is easy. Check the following steps to cast Sling on your smart TV.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Open VIZIO Smart TV.
  2. Go to the home screen or press the V or Home button with your remote.
  3. Get to the list of applications.
  4. Here, find the Sling app icon.
  5. Click the icon and open the app.
  6. Sign into the app using your credentials.
  7. Start streaming Sling TV.

How to Sign Into Sling.com on Vizio TV?


Now that you can sign into your Sling TV account using your Vizio smart TV, accessing varied shows and movies is possible with utmost comfort. The Vizio offers easy access to all the channels with your existing Sling subscription. Follow the sling.com/Vizio sign-in process to get into your account.

Step-by-Step Process

The details about activating Sling TV on your Vizio TV are explained above using a Sling.com/Vizio code. The simple process of signing in to your Sling account is mentioned below for a better understanding.

  1. Open your Vizio Smart TV.
  2. Search for sling.com using a browser.
  3. Sign in to your existing Sling account with your email and password, or create a new account.
  4. Enjoy Sling TV access on your smart TV.

How to Download Sling TV Videos with PPTube Video Downloader?


Watching Sling TV sports and videos is accessible using a nominal subscription on your device. You need a perfect internet for easy access to top channels. However, you may enjoy videos offline by downloading them. Is it possible to download Sling TV videos? Yes, use a reliable video downloader to enjoy Sling videos offline, even when you don’t have internet access.

Use the PPTube Video Downloader to download videos from Sling TV to enjoy them later. The reliable downloader guarantees accurate video downloading and lets you download videos in a file format that is easy to share with other devices. PPTube is a popular downloader for downloading videos from top channels, including Sling TV. Anyone with Sling.com/Vizio activate can follow an easy process to download videos using PPTube.


  • Let you download Sling TV videos with 10X speed
  • Supports video downloading in multiple file formats
  • Allows batch downloading for bulk video download
  • Let you share and access downloaded videos on other devices
  • Ensures downloading without watermarks or Ads

Step By Step Process

Step 1: Download PPTube Video Downloader 

Vist the official website of PPTube and download the PPTube Video Downloader. Install and open the downloader.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2: Open Sling TV

Search and find your Sling TV, or search the site with the URL in the search bar.


Step 3: Search and Copy your Favorite Show URL

Get to the Sling TV and open your favorite video. Next, copy the URL of the video you wish to download.

Step 4: Select your Output Format 

Next, you may get the option to select the desirable output format.


Step 5: Paste the URL 

Now get to the PPTube Video Downloader, click “Paste URL” to download the video.



Choose the best subscription with Sling.com Vizio to enjoy endless screen time from top channels. Enjoy watching your favorite show offline by downloading the video using a reliable PPTube Video Downloader. PPTube is a trustworthy downloader that lets you download your favorite shows to enjoy them even in areas with low network coverage.

PPTube allows downloading Sling TV videos in HD quality even on those devices with no Sling TV subscription. Share and enjoy ad-free Sling videos on your favorite devices offline. Next time you travel and wish to watch interrupted shows on your device, choose PPTube to download your favorite shows and videos.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads


  1. Can I Watch Sling on My Computer?
  2. A. Get to the Windows Store to find Sling TV. Download and complete the installation. Launch the Sling TV app to enjoy watching famous shows on your computer.

  3. How to Watch Sling on Vizio?
  4. A. Launch Sling.com/Vizio on your smart TV to enjoy shows and movies with Sling TV. To access Sling TV videos, a user must search and sign into a Sling account on the Vizio smart TV.

  5. Can I Enjoy Sling TV Videos Offline?
  6. A. Users must download videos to view unlimited Sling TV shows. Use a professional PPTube Video Downloader to download sling TV shows and movies offline.

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