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12 Unbelievable Kisscartoon Alternatives to Watch Anime[Free & Fast]

By Morgan Last Update:May 28, 2024
Category: Review
12 Unbelievable Kisscartoon Alternatives to Watch Anime[Free & Fast]

If you’re a fan of manga and anime, you’ve heard of KissCartoon, which is a famous streaming website that allows you to enjoy your inner kid without spending money. However, because of its copyright ban, the site is frequently closed in various areas. If you live in these areas, you need to search for kisscartoon alternative sites that can meet your enjoyment needs.

It’s not a bad idea to check other options and find out what services you offer, even if you don’t have problems with KissCartoon. Don’t worry! Here are 12 KissCartoon’s best choices for watching your best animated movies without safety problems and limitations.

Top 12 KissCartoon Alternatives You Can Try

Here is the list of the top 12 kisscartoon alternative websites. These websites are free and fast and the best alternative to Kisscartoon, which is closed in some areas of the world. Due to this, Kisscartoon users are looking for the best websites like Kisscartoon to enjoy their favorite animation.


Crunchyroll is a famous animation streaming platform, boasting the largest library with the latest hits and classic titles. You don’t have to create an account on this site to stream your desired content. Viewers can hope for high-quality content streaming for free or paid subscriptions. Free models are often offered in advertisements. The site also frequently updates 35000 animated episodes and 1000 titles in more than 15 languages. Nevertheless, the site guaranteed a smooth process if the Internet connection was stable enough.


2. KissAnime

KissAnime is an excellent website for the incredibly best content. Find a popular collection of animations, including Senwa Chihiro’s Missing and Naruto series. Most content includes Japanese animations and cartoon series, so if you’re interested in Japanese animation, visit KissAnime. The good thing about this famous KissCartoon alternative is that you can almost always authorize the website from any platform. All contents can be used with high image quality. KissAnime has a vast collection of animated movies.


3. GogoAnime

GogoAnime is one of the top free animation streaming websites and offers numerous cartoon and animation series. You can also find English dubbing animations and Chinese cartoons on this site. Another advantage is that you don’t have to sign up for an account to use this website. Fans will be delighted to have the option to download content on HD. There is an option to download the movie in HD picture quality and save it to the computer. Gogoanime can give you the best streaming experience with its high-speed server connectivity.


4. Cartoon Network

Cartoon networks are safe, ad-free, and do not spread illegal activities compared to websites that have already been discussed with advertising with delicate video content. So this famous site is the best alternative to kisscartoon. From animation to videos, peeking, and advertising. Children can use it safely, even if they are not there to view the video they are looking for. This website also offers high-quality videos compared to other sites. As its name suggests, it can give you most cartoons for children.

Cartoon Network

5. itv.com

ITV is a great, legal alternative to KissCartoon for those living in England, but its videos are unavailable to people from other countries. You can watch over 40 animated series, including familiar works like Scooby-Doo, Mr.Bean, and Looney Toons Cartoons, for 100% free. The website is straightforward to navigate. All anime is under the children category, and you can use the search bar to see a specific title, so even children will not have trouble using it alone. It gives you most of the legal content, so there is no tension of copyright content in most cases.


6. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is a diversely used streaming platform that allows manga and anime fans to enjoy a wide range of content. Even if you don’t register, you can search the collection and stream episodes of the series you find interesting. A section is dedicated to comic content, which can be read for free. The downside of this website is that the high number of ads may distract your streaming time. It offers you videos in high quality and also in 4k quality, which is the very best feature of this website.


7. Nickelodeon

Nick TV is a legitimate streaming website that presents animated series. This platform is free of legal worries and a protected and accessible option for children. It features an actual title in HD quality. A few ads on the website might be confusing, but you can still enjoy unending fun on this platform. Also, the content collection is small as it only joins movies that Nickelodeon can legally divide.


8. KimCartoon

KIMCarton is one of the top alternative websites, along with KissCartonn. On this site, you can search for anime by anime status (in progress or finished) and genre. All videos can be used with high video quality. In addition, you can provide a comic list and request your likely comic in acronyms and initials. All contents can be used with high image quality. Furthermore, there are rumors that KimCartoon is managed by the same people who developed KissCartoon.


9. ToonTales

ToonTale is an animated streaming site that has tens of thousands of cartoons and animations. Its video collection includes full movies, dubbed animations, cartoons, and series episodes. Like Crunchyroll, you can find it immediately after the latest episodes and movies are broadcast in your home country. The website works in accordance with the VPN and can be streamed without having to create an account.


10. Cartoonito

Like other animated streaming sites, Cartoonito is like the former sister site, with the exact style of simplicity and content delivery. However, the database is even smaller in length than another kiss cartoon alternative, with only 24 animated series. You may also find something you didn’t see on other websites here. Combining this site with Crunchyroll will create an excellent kisscartoon alternative.


11. Anime8Dao

Anime8Dao presents thousands of feature episodes with English subtitles in high-definition video quality. The site’s content library contains the latest releases, trend titles, and older titles. In addition, the website can be used on any device. One feature that represents the platform is the “Random” button, which suggests what to see on the website. The pity is that there are many advertisements.


12. 9Anime

9 Anime is a very famous free animated streaming website that contains a lot of animated videos. You can find new releases and classic shows, and you can easily find dubbed media and programs with English subtitles. Mostly, animated content can be used with high image quality and fps rate. Remember that you may require software to keep you safe from harmful software and stop teasing and aggressive ads that get in the way of streaming.


Bonus Tip: How to download animes from KissCartoon alternatives

Even though kisscartoon alternatives are popular, they mostly do not offer a download option for watching movies offline on other devices. So, you can download and install PPTube first, download Kisscartton movies from Kisscaartoon alternative by following the steps below, and enjoy it offline in your favorite format and image quality.

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Steps to download animes from KissCartoon alternatives using PPTube

Step 1 First, we will go to the official website of Kisscartoon Alternative. Open the recommended video and copy the website link from the browser URL search bar, as shown in the image below.

copy gogoanime url

Step 2 Now open the PPTube software and go to the download tab in the upper left corner. Then, choose the format suitable for your video. The optimal format is mp4; select the maximum quality for the video.

choose the format

Step 3 After selecting the quality of the format, paste the copied URL into the URL paste option in the upper left bar and click the download button. The video will automatically start downloading in the background.

paste gogoanime url

Step 4 After the video is successfully downloaded, you can find it on the downloaded tab instead of downloading it, and the download procedure will complete.

download gogoanime

What is KissCartoon?

Kiss Cartoon is one of the best websites for free cartoon streaming. It offers a diverse range of high-quality animated movies that you can watch for free. The site library contains thousands of materials, from classic videos to animated series. It is distinguished by its vast catalog, containing popular animated and family titles.

Somehow, the original website or domain no longer exists, leading to the emergence of many clones. In addition, the site has numerous advertisements that allow its users to get malware. Kisscartoon is an excellent site where individuals can easily watch multiple animated series for free. This platform lets you view and enjoy anime and animations without registration.

The Reasons You Want to Find KissCartoon Alternatives

Some of the main reasons that we want to go for kisscartoon alternatives to enjoy our favorite animated movies and dramas and other types of animated videos are listed below:

1. Copyright

The main problem that caused KissCartoon’s shutdown, which ultimately allowed its users to find alternatives, was copyrighted content uploaded and streamed on this website. Copyrighted material is against digital data protection law; hence, we have to go for KissCartoon alternatives.

2. Original website shutdown

As discussed, the leading website with the primary domain extension was often shut down due to copyright infringement problems. Despite many warnings, it did not stop uploading copyrighted content; hence, it was shut down many times and mostly banned in some countries.

3. Network and speed

Kisscartoon offers the best media and animated movies for its users. Still, one of the problems associated with it, which primarily affects the user experience, is it’s slow to sever, which can not allow all users simultaneously because there is too much load on its service due to thousands of users streaming on the site simultaneously.

4. Ads and pop-up

No website offers free content except that it is an organization run by some nonprofit institutions. All other websites make money through paid promotions or by running ads on their websites using 3rd party advertising platforms. These ads and pop-ups distract users and force them to go for the Kissanime alternative due to its pop-ups.


1. Are these kisscartoon alternatives safe?

No, it is not sure that Kisscartoon Alternative is 100% secure. They are also secured to some limit but not beyond them. They also have pop-ups and redirects that lead users to unofficial and hacking websites, which may put users’ privacy and security at risk.

2. Is kisscartoon legal?

Kisscartoon is not legal, so it has been shut down many times and banned in different countries of the world to prevent this website from uploading copyrighted data. Hence, having copyrighted data available on it is not legal.

3. Could these KissCartoon alternatives download the video directly?

Most sites like Kisscartoon do not offer downloading videos; you can only watch them. To download, you have to use a tool or application that can do it for you. For example, PPTube video downloader is best for this purpose.

4. Is Kisscartoon shutdown?

Currently, the website’s primary domain extension is shut down in many countries. However, to avoid any legal problems, it has created its mirror websites, which are working today, and these are ones that most users do not know about.


There is no age limit for watching anime, and there is always exciting streaming for all ages in this genre. So, if you’re ready to watch your favorite comic series or anime with a passion and want to try out other sites besides KissCartoon, leave it to us! In this article, we’ll show you the top 12 sites where you can watch your favorite shows on sites like kisscartoon alternatives.

Remember to connect to a high-quality VPN to protect your online presence when browsing these sites. Using PPTUbe, you can get the best privacy and security while streaming anime and downloading. PPTube can help you download movies from over 1000 websites. You only need the video’s link to be downloaded.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads
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