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10 Top Websites to Download HD Movies Free

By Morgan Last Update:May 31, 2024
Category: Review
10 Top Websites to Download HD Movies Free

The growing development of technology has made everything easier and more accessible. The same goes for watching movies directly on your device via sites to download HD movies for free. However, finding authentic and free sites can be somehow challenging. Buffering and a lot of ads might bother your movie streaming experience.

Likewise, Netflix and Hulu websites are not feasible for everyone and are expensive. But don’t need to panic. We have rounded up the best free download sites for HD movies to save you from browsing multiple websites. Suck here to traverse through all the details!

Best 10 Websites to Download HD Movies for Free

From an array of movie-downloading sites, here is a list of some top picks for you.

1. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix, which originated in July 2010, is a free but ad-supported website to stream movies and TV shows. The site mainly features independent feature films and TV shows. This site has a main advantage in that it’s completely legal and safe. The entire collection of movies is available in high quality here. However, the site does not have newly released movies, and you can’t download the previous movies. This streaming service offers almost all categories, ranging from HD movies to new offerings and TV shows, which are updated regularly. Recently, it has comprised over 100 movies to stream online.


2. 1337X

1337x Movies is a torrent movie-downloading site; that’s why it’s better to turn on the VPN before opening it. Torrent sites are banned in a few countries and enabling VPNs makes them accessible. The site features a wide range of torrent files, including a couple of titles, seasons, and episodes. You will find most of the movies in HD quality, and some movies posted as DVDs. The site has the latest releases, which are free to download. However, residents of torrent-restricted countries might need a paid VPN. Apart from movies and TV shows, it also presents music, games, and much more.


3. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube is a well-reputed site that delivers free services to watch and download several HD movies simultaneously without any need to create an account or add credit card details. Additionally, PC games can also be downloaded here. The site supports up to 6 languages and is compiled with the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, animated movies, Arabic movies, games genres, and TV series. The library presents a huge collection of movies, and a search bar exists to help you locate your desired movie category or TV show. Another way is hitting the cover of the movie, and you will directly land on the video player page.


4. Yidio

If you talk about Yidio, it’s a helper site aiding in finding, tracking, and streaming movies and TV shows from several famous sites like Amazon, Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and 100 others. Collecting stuff from multiple streaming services, Yidio makes them presentable in a centralized manner and saves you from using a couple of on-demand movie platforms. The home page arranges collected movies and TV programs by source or genre, presents TV show descriptions, and highlights ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. This site aggregates over 1 million movies and television shows.


5. 123Movies

123Movies is a popular HD movie streaming and downloading site that requires no registration. Comprising a huge library of movies updating regularly with the latest ones, features free downloading around the globe. It supports different languages (English, French, Arabic, Spanish, etc), and multiple genres are available here. Without paying a penny, 123Movies allows you to download high-quality movies without any laborious downloading procedure. The site is beneficial for both individual and commercial use and doesn’t bother with sign-ups. You have to just open the site and stream/download your desired movie.


6. Crackle

Crackle is a free movie and TV show-watching site that’s accessible on PC, mobile phone, and tablet. All the collections are of good quality, and new movies are added regularly. Almost 100 plus full-length movies are available to stream anytime. This streaming service was initially introduced with the name “Grouper,” then changed into “Sony Crackle,” and finally turned into just “Crackle.” The site’s display is well-organized for users’ convenience in navigating their desired movies, such as horror movies, thrill and action movies, comedies, and others. Along with movies, it also features movie clips, trailers, and movie-related information.


7. MovieParadise

MoviesParadise is another well-known website where you can download HD movies for free. The site stands out with over 100,000 HD movies and regular updates of newly released movies. In addition, a main advantage of using this platform is ad-free streaming, which is rarely available on other free HD movie downloading sites. Once you open the site, a huge collection of movies is in front of you. From the countless options, you can download your desired movie. Moreover, several download options are available, and each option contains detailed parameters for the movie you want to download.


8. SD Movies

SD Movies is another famous website that was developed especially to share movies with its users. This platform is a collection of almost every category of movies. Apart from streaming movies, SD Movies Point is a quick way to download movies from Southern, Indian, or other countries. It’s not only confined to movies but also comprises a collection of TV web series and shows. Simply, it means all pirated content is available here. The site features popular movies in dubbed form. But the important thing to consider here is that SD Movies point is banned in India and might compromise your safety.

SD Movies

9. Flixster

Flixster is a USA-based social networking website developed by Joe Greenstein and Saran Chari on January 20, 2006, for movie enthusiasts. In addition, the website presents a couple of the latest movies and offer an opportunity to interact with other movie lovers or learn about films. But bear in mind that Flixster doesn’t work as an HD video movie free downloading site but as a great place to explore upcoming movies via streaming trailers. It’s a great platform to stay updated with the film industry and what is coming up and trending in the market.


10. FZ Movies

In the list of free HD video movie downloading sites, FZMovies is a well-known name. It is a popular free movie downloading site, that supports MKV video format and offers a huge variety of movies. All collections of movies are available for online streaming and free downloading to enjoy them offline. It contains over 40 categories of movies, including romance, drama, horror, comedy, and others. This browser-based website is accessible on both mobile phones and PC and supports 3GP, MKV, and MP4 video formats. The site is updated regularly with the latest releases, which you can stream and download for free. There is no complicated procedure to continue watching with this service; just visit the website and begin streaming.


Extra Tips: How to Download HD Movies with Best Video Downloader

The above includes some of the top picks, but here is a perfect option comprising exceptional features. PPTube is a hassle-free and reliable solution that supports downloading for various resolutions, ranging from 720p to 8K. High-quality streaming and downloading are promising features that are quick and safe. This speed-efficient site makes it possible to download multiple movies at a time. The site is a perfect choice if you want to create your movie library and enjoy it offline.


  • PPTube supports over 10000 websites to download videos like YouTube, Vimeo and etc.
  • This streaming service supports MP4, MP3, and 20+ more formats for downloading movies.
  • You are capable of downloading movies in 720P, 1080P, 4K, and 8K.
  • The built-in browser conveys a convenient browsing and watching experience.
  • A beginner-friendly interface helps you navigate your desired movie/TV show.
  • It comes up with a 10X faster downloading speed, allowing you to save movies within a matter of seconds.
30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

How to Download HD Movies?

Step 1 Copy the video URL

First, select the movie you intend to download and copy its URL from the streaming platform.

copy youtube video url

Step 2 Open the website, and choose the output format

In this step, open the website and opt for your desired output format and quality to download movies. For instance, MP4, and HD/ 4K.

choose the output format

Step 3 Toggle “Paste URL”, and the video downloading will be started automatically

Paste the URL you have copied and toggle the “Paste URL” option. The site initiates the video downloading by itself.

paste youtube url

Step 4 Open the saved video on the downloaded tab

Once you are done with all the steps, find your downloaded movie in the designated tab within the software.

downloaded youtube video


In conclusion, streaming HD movies and downloading them is no longer a tedious task. A lot of 1080p HD movie downloading sites have been introduced in the market. This article is a thorough guide about the ten best sites to download HD movies for free. Selecting an ad-free website to enjoy streaming without popping up ads and buffering is always the priority. Considering these factors, PPTube is a perfect choice for movie enthusiasts to stream and download movies of high quality without any interruption

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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