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Top 5 Best Instagram Downloader Chrome Extensions

By Morgan Last Update:May 6, 2024
Category: Instagram

Do you want to improve your web experience and search for the best-class Chrome Instagram video downloader? Then, this article is a comprehensive guide for you. Stay tuned here to go through all the details.


In this digital age, Instagram has been marked as a leading social media platform across the globe. With the huge popularity of IG, the demand for Instagram Downloader Chrome Extensions has increased. These tools facilitate downloading videos from Instagram conveniently.

To end your search regarding the best Instagram extensions for Chrome, this article has listed the top 5 Chrome extensions Instagram video downloaders. In the last section, the best Instagram downloader Chrome has been highlighted, unparalleled in the market with its exceptional features.

Top 5 Best Instagram Downloader Chrome Extensions

From hundreds of IG Video Downloaders, this article has rounded up a few top-class Instagram Downloader Chrome Extensions. Have a look at all one by one.

1. IG Downloader

IG Downloader is considered one of the top IG download extensions. The tool lets you download IG videos without losing the quality. Whether you intend to save and download IG videos to your mobile phone or desktop, convenience and quickness are promising.

IG Downloader


It’s gaining fame day by day because of its unique features. These include:

  • IG Downloader convenes you in downloading photos, videos, and Reels from Instagram.
  • It allows users to save the files up to 255KiB.
  • It’s available free of cost. No charges are applied to save IG videos to your device.
  • The main advantage of using this tool is its beginner-friendly interface. Even low-tech users can use it conveniently because it’s easy to use and functions simply.

How to Use IG Downloader?

After going through the features of IG Downloader, it’s a basic thing to address how you can use it. Follow the given steps to save videos from Instagram.

Method 1 It will show on the photo/video directly. Click the button and then it will download automatically.

ig downloader method 1

Method 2 You can download photo/video in the page if you are in the page for more information.

ig downloader bulk download

2. InSaverify

InSaverify is the quickest way to download IG videos and boost your Instagram usage experience beyond your expectations. Encompassing many features, it eases you from either uploading or downloading IG stories. With a single click in your browser, you are landed on Instagram where sharing videos and photos is within your reach. Along with it, the news feed and text options are in front of you. The app only requires minimal permission for security purposes.



This tool always remains on the front with its features including:

  • It allows you to download photos, videos, and Reels from Instagram.
  • You are facilitated to save and share the files of 160KiB.
  • There are no charges to use this tool either downloading videos or sharing them with your loved ones.
  • The main advantage of InSaverify is its compatibility with 49 languages, making it a universal choice.
  • The availability of the mobile phone version is a great thing along with dark mode.

How to Use InSaverify?

In the previous section, we have gone through what is InSaverify and what are their unique features. But how to use InSaverify is a main question that needs to be addressed here. Let’s move towards it. Follow the below-mentioned step-wise guide to download IG videos with this tool.

Step Click the extension: Once you toggle the Chrome extension, it will automatically show the mobile version of Instagram. Choose the file you like and Click the button to download the files one by one

InSaverify & inload

3. ToolMaster

If you are looking to download photos, videos, and reels from IG, ToolMaster is another good way to do it conveniently. Whatever you need, single or mass downloading, the tool helps you greatly. To improve your social media platform (Instagram) experience, the tool comes up with several features including reposting feeds or stories. Secondly, it’s very easy to use and newcomers can download IG content easily.



ToolMaster facilitates users in multiple ways with its unique feature. Some of its main features are mentioned here including:

  • It’s a convenient way to download photos, videos, and reels from Instagram.
  • The file size of 805KiB is allowed to be saved and shared with others on Instagram.
  • Its free-of-cost downloading service is matchless.
  • The tool commands in the advanced bulk downloading. This means you can execute multiple downloading at once.
  • Supporting 49 languages, this tool features dark mode.
  • The Repost function of this tool is exceptional from others.

How to Use ToolMaster?

It’s time to move towards learning the method of using the ToolMaster. Here is a step-by-step guide to brief the downloading process with this tool. Let’s explore this guide.

Method 1 You can choose the file you like and you can download the photo/video directly.

toolmaster directly download

Method 2 The most powerful function is Toolmaster can bulk donwload the photo/video in the page.

toolmaster bulk download

4. InLoad

When it comes to free downloading photos, videos, Reels, and stories from Instagram with ease, InLoad is a better option. This tool focuses on simplicity and facilitates a mobile application for its use not only on computers but also on smartphones. When you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to save your desired IG content with complicated procedures, this tool presents an easier and quicker choice.



Every tool is marked in the global market with its unique features. The same goes for InLoad, making its identity and expanding its usage with distinct features including:

  • Users can easily download photos, stories, videos, and Reels from Instagram.
  • The file size of 168 KiB is allowed to be saved and shared on IG.
  • The tool doesn’t charge any cost for downloading IG content.
  • The availability of the mobile version of Instagram is a main feature along with dark mode for a better user experience.
  • It supports 49 languages, making it a preferable choice around the globe.

5. Esuit

This Chrome Instagram video downloader convenes in bulk downloading of all photos from IG albums or Reels. Esuit comes up with numerous features, easing your downloading procedure along boosting your Instagram user experience. This tool with an easy-to-use layout eases its usage, no matter if you are not technologically savvy. But keep in mind that charges are applied to avail of its maximum functions.


Esuit stands in the list of the top IG Downloaders with its unique features including:

  • It’s an easier way to download photos, videos, and reels from Instagram.
  • The file size of 600KiB is allowed to be saved and shared with others on Instagram.
  • The free version is available but to enjoy unlimited functions, users have to pay $4.98.
  • This tool supports 54 languages, gives more select download options, and commands in bulk downloading.

How to Use Esuit?

Method 1 Click the button and you can choose which you want to download if there is multiple photos/videos.

Esuit select to download

Esuit select to download

Method 2 There is a button beside the page. This is more powerful function you can use. You can choose photos/videos for bulk download and provide more options.

select the images

esuit select the photo

Things You Should Know about Instagram

In the previous section, we have discussed the top 5 Instagram Downloader Chrome Extensions. But bear in mind that these extensions may stop working or become buggy. These might harm your software, as they may introduce viruses into the system. So, choosing the right Instagram downloader Chrome is essential for a safe experience. Don’t panic, we have the best alternative to all these IG Chrome extensions, unparalleled in its services and 100% safe to use. Stay tuned!

The Alternative Downloader of Instagram Chrome Downloader

Considering the best alternative downloader of Instagram Chrome Downloader? Look no further than PPTube, featuring exceptional features, and is popular as one of the best Instagram downloaders and video converters. It is capable of converting videos to AAC, MOV, and over 20 output formats. The main thing to consider is that videos/photos are saved in original quality.

This tool lets you save HD video files in 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K. Along with these features, its default browser allows users to download videos directly from the sites. Even you have access to private videos on IG, which you can save without a watermark.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

How to Download Instagram Videos by Using PPTube?

PPTube is too convenient to use compared to other Instagram Downloader Chrome extensions because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. To download Instagram videos with PPTube, follow the below-given step-wise guide.

Step 1 Search IG Video/Photo: Find the Instagram video/photo you want to download and copy its URL.

copy instagram link

Step 2 Do Your Setting: After launching PPTube, choose the format like MP4/MP3 in which you want to save video/photo.

choose MP4 format

setting output format

Step 3 Click “Paste URL” and download

download instagram video

Step 4 Check out your downloaded video

You can click the downloaded tab and enjoy watching it offline.

download intagram video


In conclusion, this article highlights the top 5 Instagram Downloader Chrome Extensions. But a secure experience is always the priority of users. In comparison with other IG downloaders, PPTube is an authentic and reliable choice, featuring 100% secure services with distinct features like bulk and high-quality downloading. Supporting over 20 output formats to download videos, it’s convenient to use for beginners. So, why be late, pick up the best Instagram Downloader Chrome and enjoy using Instagram with the maximum ease.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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