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Top 12 Best KissAnime Alternatives that still Working In 2024

By Morgan Last Update:May 14, 2024
Category: Review

KissAnime is an animated video streaming site which allows you to watch animated movies from all over the world. It has filters for advanced search of special anime movies for you.



KissAnime is an illegitimate streaming anime site that provides a huge amount of anime content, from masterpieces to the latest. Its rich library and well-customized interface made it popular among anime fans. In 2016, the main KissAnime site was shut down for piracy, prompting many fans to scramble to find alternative anime sites like KissAnime to watch their favourite movies.

Besides providing an unlimited and vast diversity of anime movies, it has some limitations that make users seek the best alternative to KissAnime to enjoy themselves. Some main limitations of KissAnime websites are:

  • Inaccessible in some parts of the world
  • Shut down many times
  • Ads and pop-ups which distract its users
  • This is the main reason many anime movie fans go for the best alternatives to websites offering the same features as the KissAnime site.

    Top 12 Best KissAnime Alternatives

    Websites other than KissAnime that have the same features as KissAnime are rare, but we are here to help you by telling you about the top 12 best alternatives to the KissAnime site. So keep with me as the article is going to be very informative for you.

    1. AniWatch

    AniWatch is one of the most popular streaming platforms for anime, movies, and other web series. This is famous for its high-quality videos, elegant design, and easy navigation settings it. It gives the users the best streaming experience.



    • This site uses safe connections such as https
    • Offers a high number of movies
    • Best user-friendly interface


    • Not giving good quality content always
    • Unofficial streams
    • Pop-up ads which may put your device security at risk

    2. GogoAnime

    GogoAnime is a famous website which gives its users access to online streaming shows and films especially the animated type. It offers unlimited types of animated movies and best-quality videos.



    • A wide diversity of videos
    • User Friendly interface
    • Best video quality


    • Ban in some countries
    • Legal problems and issues with this website
    • Risk of being your device at malware

    3. 9Anime

    9Anime is the best streaming platform, especially for animated English movies. Moreover, it also offers dubbed movies, which is an amazing feature it. It also provides high-quality videos.



    • No subscription required
    • Easy to use
    • Quick updates of newly released


    • Ads by which they earn money cause problems
    • Pirated content or copyrighted content
    • No helpline for customer

    4. Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll is a subscription-based streaming anime movie. It is owned by Sony, so it has authorized content. It guarantees the user’s privacy and maintains their privacy.



    • Movies can be downloaded
    • Multiple links for a single movie
    • Simply and easy interface


    • Subscription required
    • Quality may vary sometime
    • Subscription is very costly

    5. Anime Frenzy

    Anime Frenzy is the best website, which is famous for streaming animated and other movies, too. It gives you a free sign-up and allows you to bookmark your favourite video.

    Anime Frenzy


    • Best navbar to easily navigate the content
    • Links to other streaming platforms
    • Totally free to use


    • Risk of being introduced to your device
    • Legal issues
    • No fixed quality of video

    6. Master Anime

    Master Anime is also like other streaming websites. It also contains pirated and copyrighted content, as most websites do. You will have to protect yourself from pop-ups and ads by enabling ad blocker extensions.

    Master Anime


    • Custom filters for the best selection of movie
    • Totally free to use
    • Best user-friendly and well-customized interface


    • Domain changed many times
    • Legal issues with the website
    • Security concerns about the device

    7. Anime Heaven

    Anime Heaven is safe for viewing videos, especially animation. It is a legitimate website, so it also offers legitimate content.

    Anime Heaven


    • Movies can be downloaded
    • Multiple links for a single movie
    • Simply and easy interface


    • Concerned about security and privacy issues
    • Low-quality streaming experience
    • Aggressive ads

    8. AnimeDao

    AnimeDao is another free platform for anime watching, which focuses on the creation of a community for its animated movie fans by offering easy authorization to the latest content regularly.



    • Authorization to free content
    • Playlists don’t take time to load
    • No storage required on your part


    • Not available offline
    • Legal issues with website
    • Risk of hacking devices by redirects and pop-ups

    9. Chia-Anime

    Chia Anime is a website that has a variety of dramas, videos, and movies, so you can select the best video for you. The quality of the video is very excellent.



    • Completely free to watch videos
    • User-friendly interface
    • Unlimited collections of videos


    • Moral concerns
    • Legal problems to watch them
    • Extensive ads which interrupt the movie

    10. Anime Planet

    Anime Planet is one of the platforms which also provides manga videos it. These manga are the same videos offered by the KissAnime website.

    Anime Planet


    • No ads and pop-ups
    • Original programming
    • Highly satisfied and well customized


    • Need subscription
    • Movies removed very quickly after their release on Netflix
    • Long weight for new movies and episodes

    11. Zoro

    Zoro is the best website which allows you to download animated movies, which is a feature not provided by other animated streaming websites.



    • Unlimited movies
    • Full protection of privacy
    • High-quality videos


    • Membership required
    • No refund
    • Credit card removal problem


    ANIME FREAK launched in 2007 was a popular anime streaming platform website. At the present time, it is becoming very famous now a days because of the users lovers to watch the anime movies there.



    • No subscription needed
    • Well customized interface for user
    • Latest movies uploaded soon as they are released


    • Pop ups and advertisement
    • Legal issues
    • Can’t be accessed without vpn

    How to Download Videos from Websites Like KissAnime?

    KissAnime, despite being so popular, does not give a downloading option to watch movies offline on other devices, so we are left to do so indirectly by using other applications. To do so, first download and install the PPTube, then follow the steps below to download the KissAnime movie and enjoy it offline in any format and quality.


    Wide range of supported websites:It supports a wide range of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and More.

    Fast download speeds:PPTube offers fast download speeds, so you can download anime quickly and easily.

    High quality downloads: PPTube downloads anime in high quality.

    Ads-free: You will not be interrupted when using.

    Supports multiple formats: PPTube allows you to download anime in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, and MKV.

    Compatible with all devices: It supports PC and Mac.

    30,000,000+ Downloads
    10,000,000+ Downloads

    Step 1 Copy the anime URL from anime websites

    Open your respected video in the browser and then copy the link of the website from the browser’s URL search bar as mentioned in the picture below.

    Copy the anime URL

    Step 2 Open the software, choose the output format

    Now open the PPTube software and go to the download tab in the top left corner of this software. Then, select the format that is appropriate for your video.

    choose format

    Step 3 Paste URL and the video will start downloading automatically

    After selecting the format byte rate, paste the copied URL in the paste URL option in the left top bar and click on the download button. The video will start downloading in the background automatically.

    Paste URL

    Step 4 Find the video on the downloaded tab

    After the video is downloaded successfully, you can find it in the downloaded tab instead of downloading, where the procedure of downloading proceeds.

    download gogoanime

    What is KissAnime?

    Kiss Anime was a website for streaming files focusing on animates that contained URLs and embedded movies that allowed users to watching or download films and TV programs illegally and for free. It’s a sister’s website on its associated website for viewing manga, KissManga. Kiss Anime is explained as one of the largest anime viewing sites in the world. According to TorrentFreak, KissAnime got millions of traffic from all over the world.


    Some of the best and bad features of KissAnime are listed here:


    • Unlimited library of anime movies and videos.
    • The best filter to select the genre and type of anime movie
    • It is totally free to use, and no membership is required at all


    • Mostly high quality but sometimes varying quality of video
    • Pop-up ads distract the user interaction and confuse them
    • Redirects can put your device security at risk

    Why Was KissAnime Shut Down?

    KissAnime was shut down in August 2020, along with its other website, which is related to its name, KissManga. The main reason behind its shutdown was due to many issues related to this website, such as copyrighted movies, and it was alleged by many anime publishers whose data was being used by this website.

    It was alleged on the website it was hosting copyrighted, unauthorized, and pirated content, which is against the law of digital data protection corporations. So, its domain was blocked and removed from the internet, which caused its main shutdown.

    How to Choose the Best KissAnime Alternatives

    In order to choose best KissAnime alternative you must go for a streaming website which protects your privacy, do not contain links which may put your device security at risk, and it must be accessible in your country. Moreover for safe use you must use virtual private network.

    5 Existing KissAnime Mirror Sites

    KissAnime.com was registered in 2016 and worked for four to five years before it was shut down in August 2020 because of copyright issues faced by this website. However, this website is still working with other domain names having the same name but different extensions in the end. These websites are known as mirror images of this website. These 5 sites are working currently and are officially by KissAnime. These 5 websites are listed here:

  • 1. KissAnime.com.ru
  • 2. KissAnime.net
  • 3. KissAnime.cc
  • 4. KissAnime.monster
  • 5. KissAnime.tv
  • Conclusion

    Always remember that whether you are using KissAnime or any kissanime replacement, keep in mind that your network must be virtual. In other words you must connect a premium vpn with you in order to avoid any future problem. It will help you protect your privacy by hiding your original location.

    30,000,000+ Downloads
    10,000,000+ Downloads
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