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15 Bestgore Alternative Websites You Can Watch Shocking Videos

By Morgan Last Update:May 29, 2024
Category: Review
15 Bestgore Alternative Websites You Can Watch Shocking Videos

Bestgore was an internet site featuring graphic and controversial images and videos. It became a source of people looking for sensational, unedited, and unpolished videos of real-life situations, most of which were rather provocative and shocking.

Since the main site Bestgore is no longer online, people are actively looking for forums that offer the same kind of content. I will also describe 15 Bestgore alternatives sites to watch shocking videos and give a few recommendations on video downloads.

What is Bestgore?

Bestgore was a website where the owner posted videos and pictures of real events and where people died or were wounded accidentally. It was initially created by Mark Marek in 2008 and quickly became popular due to its materials, which many people might consider offensive. It drew a lot of attention from viewers who were into voyeurism and violence, alongside events that would not be aired on any normal TV channel.

Why is Bestgore Down?

Bestgore as a website is no longer active, although it has shut down for various reasons. The controversy that plagued Bestgore over the years involved legal issues and social protests by the website owner, Mark Marek. Marek himself faced legal issues such as charges related to distributing what some of his challenges considered obscene material.

The website was always under pressure from authorities and advocacy groups, so it was closed down. The legal pressure was not just because of the subject matter being conveyed but also because of the probable effects on public opinion and possible negative impacts.

15 Bestgore Alternative Websites Prepared for You

If you are looking for alternative websites to Bestgore, here are 15 options that offer a range of shocking and uncensored content:

1. DailyMotion

Daily Motion is another video-sharing site, like YouTube, that provides user-generated and other videos that include news, entertainment clips, and some gory ones. Although it does not contain extreme material, some videos with such content are uploaded by the users.


2. YNC

It is especially important for YNC to provide channels of graphic videos and images that center on real-life events and graphic real-life negligence materials. The content is contributed by users who target the clientele interested in extreme website content. It comes with a simple user interface, which enhances the chances for users who want particular types of videos to find them easily.


3. Deep Gore Tube

Deep Gore Tube is an EXCLUSIVE homepage of gore material. The page contains various videos and pictures. It is demanded by TV lovers who can hardly tolerate any violence and contains everything, ranging from crime scenes to accidents. The host site is updated often, which means that a viewer is always likely to get new content to read.

Deep Gore Tube

4. Document Reality

Document Reality is an online community where users post and exchange images and videos of gore, murders, and other incidents. A social environment is favorable for discussions and analytical debates about different issues, which serves as one of the bestgore alternatives worth visiting for a deep understanding of the topics like violence and death.

Documenting Reality

5. Kaotic

Kaotic is filled with a list of videos that can be described as vulgar: accidents, fights, or any other extreme moments. This is one of the most popular sites for those who like watching extreme videos and movies. The main advantages are its convenience and the number of links available. It also affords user interactions, so it can be associated with a social site for those interested in graphic media.


6. Hoodsite

Hoodsite is an offending website that has made its reputation for showcasing real-life events in its videos, including violence. It has also grown famous because of its harsh content, which allows viewers to get some of the most real videos available online.


7. BestGore.Fun

BestGore.Fun is the new version of the site previously known as Bestgore; the sites have the same format and content. Although the site itself is no longer in operation, it is designed to replace the Bestgore-affiliated website, creating a familiar outlet for people who used to visit it. The content is also equal in explicitness, with the scenes unfolding in front of viewers’ eyes, and it is aimed at the same audience.


8. Itemfix

Itemfix is a video-sharing community that permits multiple viewers to upload videos and view interesting videos, such as shocking videos. The website, like Bestgore, is fundamentally versatile in terms of the types of videos that can be supplied and their formats. Thus, it has become ideal for finding extreme content as well as typical content when necessary.


9. GoreGrish

GoreGrish is an alternative to BestGore. It provides graphs depicting violence in the form of videos and photos. The site has an active and loyal audience, and guests are invited to share real-life stories, which makes it a valuable platform for fans of the darker sides of life.

10. BME

This website, like Bestgore, found that BME still contains body modification as well as graphic and shocking videos. It is a low-popularity site with a specific interest and audience, but with the main subject being extreme body tattoos as well as gore themes. This structure also involves a community to enrich and improve the user experience and foster free and timely help.


11. eBaum’s World

EBaum’s World is an internet video gallery that combines funny and provocative videos that people can watch for fun. Although it is famous for its comedy and meme videos, it also has an option for category extreme, thus being relevant for the public.

ebaum's world

12. Daily Mail

Daily Mail is one of the most popular British newspapers, with a daily audience. It often shares vivid and even scandalous stories and videos. Though it is not as focused on gore content, it reveals actual events with elaborate descriptions and sometimes with videos that other news sources do not show.

Daily Mail

13. Veoh

Veoh is an online video-sharing community, so you will be able to watch just about any video, including some that are not censored. With plenty of categories, viewers can easily discover videos of certain types they want to watch. They tend to be a good content source for those who like to try out various kinds of content.


14. Reddit

Due to several Reddits covering topics under the shock and gore category, Reddit hosts billions of videos that users share. The presence of communities dedicated to such content, found in subreddits like r/gore and r/NSFL, makes Reddit convenient for such purposes.


15. Scary for Kids

As the title suggests, Scary for Kids is a site mainly dedicated to horror and scary, specifically videos and horror stories that can be really gruesome at times. It is intended for youths, but the content presented may be disturbing to some people, making it somewhat relevant to horror and shock enthusiasts.

Scary for Kids

How to Download Videos from Bestgore Alternatives?

Knowing that you can download videos from the clips using the following tools and techniques is concerning. Here’s a step-by-step guide using desktop software PPTube:


It supports to over 10,000 popular platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. PPTube prides itself in its array of output formats. It accommodates more than 20 formats, encompassing commonly used ones such as MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV, as well as unique and specific ones like HEVC MP4, HEVC MKV, 3GP, MKA, and AIFF.

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10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 1 Copy the Video URL

The first step involves accessing the video you want to download and obtaining the URL of that video. This character string is the direct link or path to the video file you want to download on your device.

copy dailymotion video url

Step 2 Open the Software and Choose Output Format

To initiate this task, you must start your video downloader program. Choose the preferred format for the video to end up in, for instance, MP4. This step helps check the compatibility of the downloaded video with the user’s device.

Choose Output Format

Step 3 Paste the URL

Similar to the previous scenario, they can emulate the connection by clicking the “Paste URL” button in the software. This process will begin the downloading of the video automatically. The software will download the video from the URL supplied on the website, and the downloading process will start.

paste dailymotion video

Step 4 Find the Video

To manage the video after it has been downloaded, look for the downloaded tab of the software in which it is found. You can then copy the file to the location of your interest on the device based on your preference.

find dailymotion video


Is There Anywhere to Still See the Old BG Content?

Some old Bestgore content may be posted on other extreme media websites or discussion boards. BestGore. One website like bestgore where you may come across such similar videos is Fun. Moreover, other websites such as GoreGrish and Document Reality have similar functions and are known for archiving and publishing the material.

Will These Shocking Websites Shut Down in the Future?

The future of these websites is unknown, as they remain constantly vulnerable to legal actions and social condemnation because of their gruesome content. Engagement strategies are often situated within a loosely defined legal framework governing the use of the Internet, and their accessibility may, therefore, change in response to shifts in legislation and policy.

What Should I Do When I Feel Uncomfortable After Viewing Websites Like Bestgore?

One is that if the images make you cranky or uncomfortable or interfere with your psychological well-being, you need to take time and care for your psychological well-being. It is important to note that it is time to stop watching such content and take some time to rest or have fun. Because feelings may be hard to overcome, it is suggested that help be sought from a health care specialist.


Although Bestgore is no longer online after being shut down due to the protests against the footage, some other sites focus on the graphic and shocking videos. These bestgore alternatives offer videos and images with different forms of violence and people’s Favorite reality content.

PPTube supports to over 10,000 popular platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. PPTube prides itself in its array of output formats. It accommodates more than 20 formats, encompassing commonly used ones such as MP3, MP4, MOV, FLV,

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads
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