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3 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Private Videos [Complete Guide]

By Morgan Last Update:May 6, 2024
Category: Review


YouTube is totally a free-of-cost video content-sharing site where you can easily view videos online. Here, people can also produce and upload their own videos and share them with others. YouTube isn’t merely a platform to view videos online and consume content. YouTube also offers great opportunities to connect and build communities.

youtube home page

With the help of YouTube, creators can create loyal fans and produce a humor sense of community in their content. There is no perfect form like “YouTube.” However, the word YouTube comes from “You,” meaning that the video is yours, and “Tube,” meaning the TV. Among many types of YouTube videos, one is privately marked by the content creator when uploaded, and that YouTube video is termed a private video. It is clear from the word privatethat only the user who can access this is its owner. If someone else wants to view or download, he/she would have required permission from the admin.

So, if you want to download a private YouTube video, we will first be able to watch that private video. To download private videos from YouTube online is the next step after we become able to watch YouTube private videos with permission from the owner or any other method described below, which is the main focus of this article because we can’t access these private videos as public videos.

Types of YouTube Video

YouTube has many types of videos based on their status when they are uploaded and published by the YouTube channel owner. They can be publicly available, private, or unlisted. This is because when a publisher or content creator uploads a video, he/she selects either one of three options provided by YouTube. Such as marked as public or private, which only people with the link can access.

1. Public video

The YouTube videos that anyone can watch, share, and comment on it are termed as public videos. People do not need special links to access such types of videos, and they can watch them through any type of device and browser. These videos can also be downloaded easily and can be watched without any trouble or disturbance. When these videos are uploaded by the content creator or YouTube channel owner, it is marked as public in its publish setting when it is uploaded. Such videos appear on YouTube and Google search results and get public views. For example, the videos of news channels and organizations etc.

2. Private video

The videos that everyone cannot watch on YouTube but only the owner of that video can see and watch are termed private videos. YouTube .private videos are marked as private when it is uploaded by their owner who sets its publish setting to private during the publication of this video. Such videos do not appear on YouTube’s homepage and also do not appear in searches on YouTube. These videos can only be seen and watched by the owner of the video on YouTube who wants to watch them. Some paid movies and dramas are set to be private by the owner as they demand money to watch their videos.

3. Unlisted video

These types of videos are the same as private YouTube videos, but a minor difference between them is that private videos are shared with the people having a YouTube channel, but the unlisted video on YouTube can be watched by anyone who knows the link to that YouTube video. The link to this unlisted video can be used by anyone who has a YouTube channel or not, or whether they have signed up to YouTube or not. The simple meaning of this is that anyone with the link to this unlisted video can access, watch and finally download it by using some other tools.

How can I See and Download YouTube Private Video Directly?

There are two things to keep in mind before moving further, whether you are the owner of the YouTube private video or not when watching and downloading private YouTube videos. If we are the owner of the private YouTube video, then we can download private YouTube videos without any permission as we are the owner of this video.

1. If you are a video owner

If you are the owner of the private video and have your own YouTube channel, then go to your YouTube studio on the mobile app or click here to go on YouTube Studio on your PC, select the private video and click on three icons then the option to download the video and will be downloaded. So, using this simple method, you can download your own private video, as described here.

video owner download video

2. If you are a viewer

If you do not own that private video, as discussed above, and want to download and watch a private video of someone else, then you will have to request the admin or owner of the video to allow you to do so. If he/she does not allow you to send the private link to watch the video then you are left only with other options to download and watch the private videos described below.

share youtube private video

How to Download Private YouTube Videos on PC/Mac Without Access?

To download private YouTube videos on any PC or MAC device, you would have to download the PPTube video Downloader. Then you can download any type of video format and best quality, and you can access them offline when downloaded.

The Reason You can Choose PPTube:

👍Support 10,000 video/music sites, such as YouTube and Spotify, Facebook, etc.

👍Provide high-quality video resolutions, like SD, HD, 4K, and 8K videos.

👍Download and convert video to MP4, MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.

👍Download private videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram

👍You can download playlists, channels, albums from various sites.

👍Up to 10M/s download speed

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 1 Copy the URL of the private video

To download Youtube private video, you can search themand copy the video URL.

copy youtube private video url

Step 2 Select the output formats and video quality on the setting menu. Please allow to read Cookies from Firefox/Chrome.

setting output format

Step 3 Paste the URL and it will download automatically.

download youtube private video

Step 4 Download completes

After the download process, you can check the youtube video in downloaded tab.

downloaded youtube private video

How to Download Private YouTube Videos with Chrome Extensions

If your PC does not support it, you can still download the private YouTube video using another method, which is also very easy and customizable. This can be done by using a browser extension, which helps us download private videos from YouTube.

*This method need to be shared by video owner.

Step 1 Download and install the extension

Video Downloaderhelper is the best private YouTube video downloader Chrome extension which is used to download private videos from YouTube.

Video Downloaderhelper

Step 2 Open YouTube and find the private video you want to download. Click the button and choose the download methods you want

download by chrome

Step 3 Download completed

Once the video is downloaded successfully, it will saved to your downloads folder on your PC, and you can enjoy it there.

download success

How to Download Private YouTube Videos with Inspect Tool

The third method to download private YouTube videos is the inspection tool method. This is difficult and does not work every time, so most people do not use this method.

Download Private YouTube Videos with Inspect Tool

  • Right-click on that video webpage
  • Choose the network tab in inspect tool
  • Refresh the page using the F5 key until shows video document
  • Save the .mp4 files and open it in notepad
  • Copy the URL and download

So, here is the table of comparing these three methods:

Features PPTube Inspect tool Chrome Extension
Privacy Protected Protected Protected
Quality video All formats, Best quality, High resoluton Good quality Good quality, High resolution
Procedure Very easy Difficult Easy
Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


1. How could I see the private video if the owner delete his video?

If a video is removed by the owner of the video on YouTube, we can never access the video or content because the link of the deleted video and its embed code never work in any case as the file is deleted.

2. Can I use Python to download YouTube private video?

Python is one of the popular coding languages used in app development. You can use Python to download private videos on YouTube. For this we have to use Python and Pytube app to do so and then access YouTube through Pytube to watch and download YouTube private videos.


To download a private YouTube video online on various devices, you can depend on a desktop or PC private video downloader software such as PPTube, an extension such as Video Download Helper, or an Android app to do so. We suggest many methods to download private YouTube videos for you in the best way. You can download YouTube’s private video playlists in bulk with high image quality (up to 8K), universally supported video formats, and quick performance.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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