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Exploring 15 Best Liveleak Alternatives in 2024

By Morgan Last Update:May 29, 2024
Category: Review
Exploring 15 Best Liveleak Alternatives in 2024

The advanced developments in technologies and social media platforms have led to the advent of several video-sharing platforms. For instance, Liveleak got attention because of sharing all types of content whether violent, entertaining, or else. Except for that, progression in technology has introduced several Liveleak alternatives.


What is LiveLeak?

LiveLeak has become popular throughout the World as a video distribution and sharing site that does not pass through filters. In 2006, this site was established to introduce real events, whether it is intense or not. Because it is the most dramatic site in the World, it looks like an alternative to orthodox media. This site collects casual news, entertainment, politics and violent content. Unedited content is the main identity of LiveLeak.

Features of LiveLeak:

  • It allows users to upload and share real-life videos, including protests and accidents.
  • The website features unfiltered content, and It doesn’t restrict violent footage.
  • Liveleak has the potential to reverse the flow of news and information, especially from the West, to underdeveloped countries.
  • This site is also famous as a political sum-up because a lot of users share political events.
  • Bear in mind that Liveleak was moderate in usage and credibility. Similar sites like Liveleak have appeared with exceptional features. Stay stuck here to explore the best alternatives to Liveleak.
  • Is LiveLeak Shut Down?

    When it comes to LiveLeak, it doesn’t follow strict restrictions on posting violent content like murders, and accidents compared to other sites (YouTube and Vimeo). This unfiltered content often provokes controversy with the videos uploaded by users. That’s why, this video-sharing site was shut down on Wednesday, 2021, after 15 years of its working. This shutting down switched the users to the new “social video sites”.

    LiveLeak’s co-founder Hayden Hewitt discussed this user movement in his statement. Before shutting down, LiveLeak went through several ups and downs. For instance, the uploading of an “Anti-Quran Movie” entitled “Fitna” on LiveLeak created worldwide controversy. The site’s owner underwent threats to remove the movie. In 2014, the site announced to stay away from uploading videos posted by ISIS.

    15 Best Liveleak Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss

    Are you missing the raw and uncensored videos after the LiveLeak ban? The site is not operating nowadays, and finding similar sites like LiveLeak can be a challenging and tedious task. But don’t worry, here is a list of the best sites like Liveleak. No matter if Liveleak is banned, your entertainment will be continued.

    1. DailyMotion

    Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform that allows users to post, stream, and exchange videos around the globe. Similar to YouTube, the site has a user-friendly layout and is considered one of the largest video-sharing sites worldwide. For a global audience, Dailymotion offers 35 languages and permits users to create their own channels to post their videos.



    • The site covers almost every topic because of its wide variety of content that is uploaded regularly.
    • Supports multiple languages (35), so it’s accessible to a worldwide audience.


    • Minimum popularity and users’ attention are impacting the viewers.
    • Copyright violations are due to users’ illegal content.

    2. EngageMedia

    Developed in 2005, this LiveLeak alternative gained popularity with its focus on social issues via citizen journalism. Promoting freedom of posting and human rights, EngageMedia features videos, blogs, and articles. It hosts shocking, entertaining, and violent violent videos like Liveleak.



    • Free for users to stream videos.
    • Targets social issues mainly.


    • Raise ethical concerns due to posting uncut footage.
    • Unable to differentiate between freedom and violence.

    3. Flickr

    Flickr is mainly addressed as a photo-sharing website but also features video-sharing attributes, so it falls under the category of Liveleak alternatives. It’s simply saying goodbye to orthodox video-sharing platforms when you accompany Flickr and explore a huge variety of multimedia content.



    • Free to use
    • Best suited for marketing initiatives due to convenient organizing and editing content.


    • Uncovers inappropriate content
    • Difficult to delete posts in groups

    4. DTube

    DTube, a famous Liveleak alternative, allows its users to post unlimited videos.DTube, a graphical layout resembling YouTube, helps the platform grow in approval. The website’s home page displays all the content for convenient streaming. The website is free of curbs and videos. You must first register and find another liveleak alternative.



    • The website,s comprises a user/friendly layout.
    • Custmor receives rewards for creating the account.


    • DTube is more portable to a user base than other platforms.
    • Matter or curb within the Blockchain network could affect the component of DTube.

    5. Xfinity Video

    Xfinity Video offers a variety of content, ranging from news to pleasure, providing users with the strongest match viewing experience. With a focus on bringing both informative and charming content, Xfinity Video stands out as a handy alternative to LiveLeak. Whether you’re interested in staying updated on current events or giving way in entertainment, Xfinity Video caters to a wide range of fondness, making it an appealing choice for former LiveLeak users seeking diversity.



    • Users can be entertained by their favorite shows with just an internet connection.
    • It is available on a diversity of platforms such as mobile, laptop, etc.


    • Users may find it annoying due to its parental control feature.
    • Users may experience diminished or playback issues in areas with unstable internet connection.

    6. ItemFix

    ItemFix offers a huge variety of videos including each genre and allows its users to stream and share unlimited videos. This site specializes in creating a place for users to display their creativity and explore content suited to their interests. In this way, community engagement and interaction appear throughout the world.



    • It provides freedom for users to express their creativity.
    • Content creators can earn money from this platform.


    • Copyright violations may occur due to the user’s unpermitted content.
    • Users experience buffering or playback issues when the internet connection is unstable.

    7. Veoh

    Veoh began with something like an online TV network. You can upload your own videos and support 1080p high-quality videos. Millions of videos are available, and you can see all kinds of content. Whether you like music, tutorials, or interesting clips, there are videos on this platform that anyone can enjoy. It is easy to use and free, so it is popular with people who want to share their videos and people who want to enjoy watching other people’s videos.



    • The website allows its users to post long videos.
    • Users can create their videos on Veoh.


    • The video streaming experience might be irritating because of ads.
    • Users have to wait for a longer time to download videos.

    8. Daily Mail Online

    Daily Mail Online, a well-known video-sharing platform, originated in the last decades of the 19th century and reached over 225 million audiences, including 22.6M FaceBook followers, with the help of the latest technologies. The home page is full of celebrity news, entertainment, and breaking news to grab the users’ engagement. With this platform, you can access of online news reading in printed format, including blogs, RSS feeds, and much more.

    daily mail online


    • Users can find content tailored to their personality and interests
    • Online magazines and books are available.


    • It bothers users with a lot of ads.
    • It is very biased in news coverage.

    9. Ebaum’s World

    Ebaum’s World is a popular video-sharing site that also allows the exchange of pictures, games, and memes. This platform is a collection of entertaining and engaging content to grab users. It’s designed to be a one-stop destination for anyone looking for a good laugh or a way to pass the time. The content on Ebaum’s World is to ensure that there’s always something new and exciting to discover, making it a great place to visit when you’re looking to be entertained.

    Ebaum’s World


    • Users can approach complete videos related to the homepage’s video clips.
    • You can read and give your feedback on interesting posts to communicate with others.


    • A lot of ads irritate users when streaming videos.
    • The site’s layout is traditional compared to other websites.

    10. Odysee

    Odysee uses blockchain technology in the generation of this site. This technological advancement makes sure that no content will be edited or deleted. Odysee offers a decentralized alternative where content remains unaltered and uncensored. Whether you’re a viewer or a creator, it provides a unique experience in online video sharing.



    • The site offers an active community to create a bond between users and helps them in finding interesting content.
    • It’s a welcoming site for content creators to earn money.


    • Users face barriers in registration.
    • The video quality varies; it might be unprofessional.

    11. BitChute

    BitChute is an attractive video sharing platform that stands out for its unique approach. Unlike many other video sharing sites, BitChute does not impose any restrictions on users. It is a space where creators can freely participate, express, and share content without limitation. BitChute welcomes you, whether you’re aspiring to video production, a passionate blogger, or just someone with a message you want to convey.



    • The service works on the principles of expression freedom and allows users to share a variety of content.
    • It encourages users via permission to like, share, comment, and do subscriptions.


    • Technical errors and faults bother users’ experience.
    • Minimum user engagement might impact the views.

    12. WorldStarHipHop

    WorldStarHipHop is a popular website for hip-hop culture. The latest hip-hop music videos, news, and interviews can be seen. This site is popular among hip-hop fans who want to update the latest trends and watch exclusive content. It is a platform that reflects the lifestyle of hip-hop and connects with music that loves people.



    • A mixture of entertaining and violent content.
    • Easy to access and search the relevant content, as it displays everything smoothly.


    • Provokes hate against white and black races with the news.
    • Too many ads irritate users.

    13. KillSomeTime

    KillSomeTime is acknowledged as an entertainment and fun platform displaying a collection of memes, funny videos, alerting news, viral clips, and much more.



    • Regular updating of news and videos.
    • Users are allowed to create their own funny posts and videos to spread laughter.


    • Complaints of posting violent content.
    • Every user doesn’t find it funny.

    14. PeerTube

    PeerTube is another Liveleak alternative featuring a variety of videos to stream and post. You can upload your own videos and support 1080p high-quality videos. Millions of videos are available, and you can see all kinds of content.



    • Safe to use compared to other video-sharing sites.
    • Free of cost for users.


    • A strong internet connection or expensive package is required for its installation.

    15. Vimeo

    Vimeo is a Liveleak alternative that hosts a variety of movies and allows users to generate their own content. The site’s resizable video players facilitate the creators to portray their performance more professionally.



    • High-quality videos are its specialty.
    • A professional and accommodating platform for content creators and artists.


    • It’s not free, but reasonable packages are available to utilize this service.
    • Less traffic in comparison with other video-sharing sites.

    Extra Tip: How to Download Videos from These Liveleak Alternatives?

    When it comes to downloading videos from Liveleak alternatives, PPTube features smooth downloading ranging from 720p to 8K and serves as the best video-sharing platform. With this service, the downloading speed is at its peak, and videos are saved in high resolution. The site is capable of executing multiple downloads at a time, resulting in minimum saving time and effort.

    The site’s default browser lets you have convenient navigation and downloading.


    Wide range of supported websites:It supports a wide range of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and More.

    Fast download speeds:PPTube offers fast download speeds, so you can download anime quickly and easily.

    High quality downloads: PPTube downloads anime in high quality.

    Ads-free: You will not be interrupted when using.

    Supports multiple formats: PPTube allows you to download anime in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, and MKV.

    Compatible with all devices: It supports PC and Mac.

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    Step 1 Copy the video URL

    First, copy the URL of the video/movie you intend to watch from this site.


    Step 2 Open the software, choose the output format

    In this step, navigate the downloading software and choose your preferred output format, such as MP4. In the same way, select the quality like HD or 4K.

    choose format

    Step 3 Paste URL, and the video initiates downloading automatically

    Simply paste the copied URL here, and downloading will start.

    download fmovies video

    Step 4 Search the video in the downloaded tab

    Approach the designated tab in this software to navigate the downloaded video.

    fmovies downloaded


    In recent decades, several Liveleak alternatives have appeared in the digital industry. Each platform comes up with distinct features and benefits to boost users’ experience and is accessible for both Android and iPhone users. Some alternatives provide violent and gore content like Liveleak, and some portray fun and entertainment majorly. Users are always curious to know about the best alternative to LIveleak, which is convenient for streaming and downloading. PPTube is the go-to choice for users seeking a perfect blend of all categories of videos under one roof with high-quality and smooth downloading of uploaded stuff.

    30,000,000+ Downloads
    10,000,000+ Downloads

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