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Best 10 Xmovies8 Alternative Websites to Watch Free Movies Online [2024 New]

By Morgan Last Update:May 24, 2024
Category: Review

There is a large number of online streaming sites that allow fans to comfortably watch their desired movies and TV programs. Somehow, many trustworthy movie streaming platforms tend to charge monthly usage fees out of the user’s pocket. Luckily, streaming sites like xmovies8 permit their fans to watch their favorite videos and movies for free. In some cases, XMovies8 is not fetched by browsers in certain areas or countries in the world; this article also includes some reliable XMovies8 alternatives that fans can rely on. Let’s take a look at XMovies8’s replacement websites.

What is Xmovies8?

Xmovies8 is a free-of-cost online streaming website that allows users to watch movies in HD quality for free. It offers a wide range of new and old-trend works, including action, horror, and science fiction. Users can also search for a variety of categories and browse for particular titles by a well-customized user interface.


It can be used to watch movies, films, and TV shows on the desktop or easily used on a mobile device. In addition, it provides an uninterrupted streaming experience. Xmovies was banned several times losing the charm of its users for it. It has to change the extensions of its domains many times.

First Thought: Could Alternate Links for Accessing Xmovies8 Available?

XMovies8 was shutdown due to copyright infringement issues by the digital data corporation authorities to stop it from uploading copyright material. However, XMovies8 did not stop its work. After the shutdown of its main domain “xmovies8.com,” it created its mirror website which uses .cc, .to, .net, .in, .tv and .fm to keep them online. But these mirror websites also don’t work properly and are mostly banned in many countries in the world. Therefore, its users need the best alternative sites like xmovies8.

Top 10 Free Online Xmovies8 Alternatives

Due to shutdown, copyright infringement and many other problems users face difficulty in watching their movies from xmovies8. So its users have to go for xmovies8 alternatives to enjoy their movies. Here is a list of top websites like xmovies8 which give similar features like Xmovies8. These websites can fulfill your requirements so that you will not need Xmovies8 to stream.



YesMovies is an online streaming platform with a large library of movies and TV series. It is known for its extensive collection of streaming videos, which can be viewed in high quality without registration. Its simple, intuitive and well-configured user interface makes it easy to navigate and search for the right content. As such, YesMovies is also an excellent alternative to Tinyzone. Yes Movies gives you similar features to Xmovies8 so you do not need to go there to complete your video enjoyment.



SolarMovies is a site where you can enjoy a wide range of movies and TV shows popular among millions of moviegoers, in high quality with numerous subtitles. SolarMovies has become the best source for entertainers with free streaming and downloading. This is the perfect alternative to Tinyzone for those who want to watch their favorite movies and shows without spending money. JustWatch is the ultimate video streaming guide for films and TV programs. Solar movie streaming site top most traffic gaining website among maximum gaining monthly visits websites.



FMovies is a versatile streaming site for its users who use the free MP4 downloader to a huge collection of movies to watch. By March 2024, the site has a 30.57% bounce rate guaranteed by the SEO site, and 22.1 million visits per month, compared to similar sites. FMovies is an xmovies8 alternative streaming site where users can search for high-quality movies and TV shows in the best format. In addition, the platform also provides content from different countries that you can enjoy. Its library includes all kinds of genres, regularly adding new versions to users.



123Movies is among one of the top famous streaming services, providing users with a great library of more than 7,000 titles worldwide. The site also has a diverse range of genres that cover almost all tastes and preferences, while updating all new works in movies and TV series. In addition, 123Movies offers free video watching to view content without registration or advertising. You can also request films and smart TV serials that haven’t been released yet. This feature makes it a great source of enjoyment.

5.Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a United States over-the-top video streaming web service xmovies8 tv alternative held under and managed by Peacock TV LLC which is a subsidary of NBC Universal Media Group. It was launched on July 15, 2020. Peacock is a streaming online website provided by NBC Universal. Whether it’s a blockbuster movie or TV program, an original show, a hit from NBC or Bravo, or a sports broadcast, including Sunday Night Football or Premier League, Peacock is ready for anything from binge-watching to channel surfing.

6.Movies 7

Movies 7

In Movies 7, you can discover, browse, and manage movies. You can get information on the actors, genres, and producers of the selected movies. In addition, you can stream the comprehensive trailer for the chosen film in a few words; Movies7 has been working and active since 2020, providing links that lead to copyrighted content, even though it does not offer pirated programming. For this reason, Movies 7 continues to be shut down, but it has been revived under a different domain name. Being a very old streaming website, it contains media collection more than other streaming platforms.

7.AZ Movies

AZ Movies

AZ Movies is complete and comprehensive for those watching for a rich collection of films and TV programs of different types. AZMovies presents a diverse range of movie and TV program catalogs of various genres, allowing you to select a diverse range of resolutions. In addition, this website also offers clients reviews and ratings for each film and TV show, so you can easily find what suits your taste. As a streaming platform for pirated digital content, AZMovies gives copyrighted content without permission without the owner’s content. Therefore, this is not a legal platform for free streaming, and the website is also frequently changing its domain name, such as azmovies.to/net, to ensure its persistence.



CouchTuner is one of the most famous free online video streaming websites today with a long time history and a large number of avid fans. Because you don’t have streaming rights for that content, you can benefit from it to view films online for free, although it’s not the website we recommend. CouchTuner offers on-demand films and drama serials. Founded about 12 years ago in 2012, users were able to view content videos without any sign-up or registration. CoachTuner also had a diverse range of videos. Its library includes all kinds of genres, regularly adding new versions so users never get bored and do not exhaust their capabilities while using these services.



JustWatch is a site that gives information for watching movies and TV shows on a variety of legal streaming platforms, including Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. It can also be used as a mobile app or can also be used as a smart TV application. JustWatch is the ultimate video streaming guide for films and TV programs. JustWatch is an easy way to search for a wide selection of films and TV programs and see if they can run on your popular video service. In addition, this website also offers reviews from its users and ratings for each film and TV show, so you can easily find what suits your temperament.



PopcornFlix is among one of the most famous streaming websites with a large range of movies and TV programs from different types and countries. The website also provides subtitles for a number of films, making it universal for watching movies from around the world in their original language. Popcornflix is a premier site where you can stream feature films and TV series that make you laugh, cry, pop out, and impress for free. They have a wide selection of blockbusters, award-winning films, cult classics, independent films, and unforgettable shows. High quality videos and content offered by this is its unique feature.

The Main Issues Should Be Considered When Choosing Xmovies8 Alternatives

Choosing the best xmovies8 alternatives can be difficult for you but it will be quite easy if you keep in mind the following points when you go for xmovies8 alternatives.

1. Ads Free or Not

Ads and pop-ups are the sources through which these free streaming platforms make money and earn good revenue. However, these ads can seriously disturb its users as they mainly redirect them to unsafe websites, which may put users’ privacy at risk.

2. Smooth Playback Experience

Video buffering is one of the best options, and you must keep it in mind when finding the best streaming platform. If the particular platform gives you the controls and option to pause, resume, slow down, and change the quality of the video, it is the best platform, as most websites don’t offer this.

3. User Interface

Your streaming platform must provide a well-customized and quickly navigating experience. An easy and good interface attracts users and gives the best streaming experience to its users, especially if these websites provide search filters to their users.

4. Content Library

Content library means how many movies, dramas, and other videos a particular streaming platform offers. A platform that offers a wide range of movies and films from Bollywood, Hollywood, and other movie production platforms can be best for you.

How to Download Movies from Xmovies8 Alternatives?

To download xmovies8 movies offline you simply need a video downloader application such as PPTube which allows you to download videos in any format and in any quality. After downloading and installing the PPTube Downloader successfully from official PPTube you can download your desired XMovies8 videos using PPTube. Follow the steps below to download xmovies8 videos using the PPTube video download.


  • Wide range of supported websites: It supports a wide range of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and More.
  • Fast download speeds: PPTube offers fast download speeds, so you can download anime quickly and easily.
  • High quality downloads: PPTube downloads anime in high quality.
  • Ads-free: You will not be interrupted when using.
  • Supports multiple formats: PPTube allows you to download anime in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, and MKV.
  • Compatible with all devices: It supports PC and Mac.
30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 1 First, go to the Xmovies8 website and copy the link of your desired video from the browser URL tab if you use any browser.


Step 2 Now open the PPTube video downloader and go to the download tab in the top left corner. In this tab window, you will see an option of “download to,” where you can select the desired format for your video in the top right.

choose format

Step 3 Now click on “Paste URL” at the top left of the download tab of this application to paste your copied URL of the desired Xmovies8 video. After pasting the URL, click on download to start the video downloading automatically.

download fmovies video

Step 4 Once the video is downloaded, you can find it in the downloaded option in the download tab of this application, where you can access it whenever you want.

fmovies downloaded


In the last of this blog, I said that the free video streaming site is not always accessible safely. Because of this, the xmovies8 alternatives are closed, and we never ask you to access them. But since the user is looking for an alternative to movies8, we have provided a list of where you can go for the website you want. Overall, it depends on you how you use these websites and watch what type of video you. And PPTube will help you download your favourite movies with fast speed, high-quality resolution and ads free experience.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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