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All-Time Best 6 Free YouTube Proxy to Unblock YouTube Videos

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:November 21, 2023
Category: YT

YouTube has become a social media and online video-sharing platform due to its massive user base and community of content producers. Each month, billions of people use YouTube, watching billions of hours of video. However, for several reasons, YouTube is frequently prohibited in schools and even in certain nations. You may use YouTube proxy websites to view YouTube that has been unblocked. You can find the top 6 free YouTube proxy sites in this article.

Common Causes Why Your YouTube Got Blocked:

Some of the potential reasons behind your YouTube getting blocked are as follows:

Nudity – YouTube restricts any form of sexual or pornography content, whether from hosts or other videos.

Spam & Manipulative Content – Users often use misleading subtitles, descriptions, and tags to maximize user engagement and gain more video views. Such tactics are considered unlawful practices by YouTube.

Violent or graphic content – Users cannot upload content that confuses and spreads incorrect information to the public.

Age-restricted content – Uploading content that might incite others to behave in a harmful way is not a good idea. These movies will be removed, or access to them will be restricted based on age.

Copyright issues – Respect copyright. If you upload videos you don’t own or publish pieces of content or creator-owned music without the required license, the content will be destroyed.

Intimidation – Threats, stalking, intimidation, invasion of privacy, and encouragement to violence are significant offenses that may result in a permanent YouTube restriction.

Exclusive List of Six Best Free YouTube Proxy Sites

If you are tired of finding the best Free YouTube Proxy Sites, this place is for you. These tools will mark the end of your exhausting search process. Explore the details below.

1. 4everproxy


In several nations across the world, 4everproxy runs VPN servers. We never keep records of your activities when connected to a VPN; all links are encrypted. Our HTTP proxy network is accessible with all plans and limitless bandwidth.


⚡Locating a VPN quickly.

⚡Choose the fastest VPN automatically.

⚡If the VPN connection drops, a kill switch will activate.

2. Ultrasurf


A highly effective proxy solution for getting around internet filtering and maintaining user privacy is Ultrasurf, a free software program. Ultrasurf was first developed to assist Chinese Internet users in getting around strict internet restrictions. Still, it has become a widely used application for anonymously and securely viewing the internet.


⚡The program encrypts data to stop unauthorized parties from spying on user activity.

⚡With Ultrasurf, users may access prohibited websites despite internet filtering.

⚡It doesn’t require installation or complicated setups, making it user-friendly.

3. Genmirror


One of the top YouTube proxy sites in our list is Genmirror. We can rely on it to successfully open YouTube. Your data is safeguarded from malicious assaults and viruses using SSL proxy technology, which acts as a guard. You can access YouTube and other restricted websites using this website.


⚡Free proxy services are offered to all users.

⚡Accelerated browsing.

⚡Responsive user interface.

4. Youtube Unblocked


One of the most cutting-edge YouTube proxy sites is YouTube Unblocked. It does not require registration or money and is entirely free. You may immediately input the URL for YouTube in the search field and press “Go” to unlock YouTube and receive access to its original website’s content. It establishes an indirect connection that enables you to open YouTube beyond the firewall set up by your Internet service provider or system administrator.



⚡Convenient just tab Switch to YouTube Unblocked from the homepage.

⚡No one will be able to find you if you use it.

5. HMA


You may choose HMA as another free, unblocked YouTube site to view YouTube from wherever. You may unblock YouTube at work or school using this proxy website. HMA can unblock YouTube and your preferred YouTube videos even if you’re in a nation where the government has restricted access to this platform. It even provides a variety of streaming-optimized servers that you may use to get unblocked YouTube.


⚡Practical speed test and IP shuffling features.

⚡Best user interface.

⚡Reliable encryption and quick servers.

6. KProxy


KProxy is a popular YouTube proxy that is entirely free and may be used to unblock YouTube. Like other web proxies, it conceals your IP address and additional personal information so your ISP cannot identify you. Additionally, it provides extensions compatible with widely used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, making it much easier to view YouTube, which has been prohibited. If you desire more advantages, there is also a premium version accessible.


⚡Intuitive user interface.

⚡Firefox, Chrome, and Edge add-ons.

⚡Specialized portable browser.

Significant Pitfalls of Using Such Proxy Websites

There are potential risks that come as a result of using free YouTube proxy websites. Some of them are listed below:

⚡Data isn’t fully secured.

⚡System lagging issues.



⚡Slow speed.

Having a professional and reliable YouTube video downloader would be best to deal with all these errors. Excited to know more about it? Read about this fantastic tool below.

Trusted Way to Download YouTube Video: PPTube YouTube Downloader❤️


If you are looking for a safe option to stream and download your favorite YouTube videos without any restrictions, then PPTube YouTube Converter is all you need. Users who don’t prefer using free YouTube proxy websites turn to this fantastic tool.

PPTube YouTube Converter truly tops the priority thanks to its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface. Using this tool, the audio from your favorite YouTube videos can be easily extracted and converted into high-quality MP3 files. PPTube has you covered whether you want to create an offline playlist, conserve mobile data, or enjoy uninterrupted listening.

PPTube stands out due to its intuitive user interface, which guarantees a seamless experience even for non-techies. PPTube is quickly gaining popularity among music lovers and podcast listeners thanks to its quick conversion speeds and emphasis on preserving the original audio quality.

Exclusive Features🪄

🌟Supports over 10,000 well-known websites, including YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Vevo, and Vimeo.

🌟There are more than 20 supported output formats.

Videos: 3GP, iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablets, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MKV, HEVC MP4, HEVC MKV.

Audio file types: include MP3, M4A, MKA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, and OGG.

🌟Supports downloading high-definition video in various resolutions up to 8K.

🌟One-click will download YouTube and Spotify playlists, channels, and albums. 

🌟Ten times more quickly than other video/music downloaders. 

🌟Cut or Trim YouTube videos. 

🌟Download various language lyrics and subtitles from YouTube. 

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Downloading Steps:

Step 1: Download and Install PPTube YouTube Converter

The initial step includes downloading, installing, and launching a PPTube YouTube converter.

Step 2: Copy & paste the video’s link. 

Find the video you want to download on YouTube, copy the URL, and then download it.


Step 3: Set output format and quality  

Choose the output format and resolution that you want for the files that will be downloaded. 


Step 4: Begin downloading 

To start the download process, select “Paste URL” from the menu. Once the video has been downloaded, you can view a preview in the “Downloaded” module and watch it without limitations. 




Free YouTube proxies are essential for accessing YouTube videos that may be restricted to your country, network, device, or workplace. The best proxies can access various content, including films and other Wen shows that might not be accessible in your area.

However, most free video proxies need more security features, are slow, and unsuitable for prolonged use. Additionally, they need the technology to make all video features available to you. For a fantastic experience, you must select a professional tool like PPTube.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads
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