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4 Top Methods to Convert YouTube to M4A [Real and Effective]

By Morgan Last Update:May 27, 2024
Category: YT

Want to download podcasts, speeches, the latest news, radio programs, music, and more from YouTube in audio format? Many YouTube to MP3 converters are available, but if you want good sound quality and a small audio file size, the MP3 audio format is not the best audio output format. I suggest you convert youtube video to m4a audio format because M4A audio format provides the best quality with file sizes being very small.

youtube video to m4a

The M4A audio file after downloading completely can be played on a music app on Android, iTunes on iPhone, Windows Media Player, or any other device. What is the M4A audio format extension and how to convert and download youtube to m4a on any type of device such as Android, iPhone, or any Laptop/PC running on Windows or MacBook using Mac operating software? Attach with me to get your problem solved.

What Is M4A and Why Choosing M4A?

M4A audio file extension derives from MPEG-4 (Moving Pictures Expert Group 4) audio file which mostly includes digital sound data stream encoded and packed with ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) or AAC ( Advance Audio Coding) standards for compressing digital audio data. This M4A audio format is mostly used by Apple devices such as iTunes in iPhone and Linux Operating MAC devices. We can also say that M4A audio files are derived from MPEG-4 or MP4 file containers because it holds audio digital data in MP4 format in the form of an M4A file.

Like other audio files extensions such as MP3, WAV, or something else it gives the best sound result as it stores a larger bit depth of audio data hence increases the quality of audio. Some best features of M4A file that force us to choose this extension for audio over other audio formats such as audio or WAV extension are listed below:

Best Features of M4A audio format

  • Smaller size
  • Compatible nearly with all devices
  • Stores data in high bit-depth
  • Gives the best quality sound effect
  • Works in collaboration with MP-4 extension
  • It works best with Apple devices
  • Uses ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) or AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) standards

How to Convert YouTube to M4A on Your Computer? [PC and MAC]

If you want to convert your desired YouTube videos into M4A then you will have to go for an application or software which will do it for you. So to do so you will have to first download and then install PPTube youtube to m4a converter app on your PC/Laptop and for Macbook.

After downloading and installing the application successfully from the official website of PPTube you will have to follow the following steps to convert your YouTube video into your M4A audio format. So follow the steps below to convert your video into m4a.

PPTube is a video/audio downloading software that can be used to download any type of media from YouTube, Spotify and other 10000+ video/music steaming sites. It allows you to download video to MP4, MP3, AAC, WAV and other 20+ output formats with quality ranging from 240p to 2K, 4K and 8K.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 1 First, go to the youtube app or website and copy the link of your desired video from the browser URL tab if you use any browser you can also copy the video URL by clicking on the share button of the video and then copying URL from one of the option given them.

copy youtube video url

Step 2 Now open the PPTube video downloader and go to the download tab in the top left corner. In this tab window, you will see an option of “download to,” where you can select the desired format for your video in the top right. Go on audio and then select M4A and then come back and save its setting.

choose m4a format

Step 3 Now click on “Paste URL” at the top left of the download tab of this application to paste your copied URL of the desired YouTube video. After pasting the URL, click on download to start the video download youtube to m4a

wav format download

Step 4 Once the video is downloaded, you can find it in the downloaded option in the downloaded tab of this application, where you can access it whenever you want and also access it offline later.

wav downloaded

How to Convert YouTube to M4A on Your Phone?

To convert YouTube videos from formats to M4A on mobile whether you are Android user or Apple user, you can do it simply by getting the proper app to do so. Android offers unlimited apps as compared to the iPhone where a number of apps is limited. Let us explain the procedure for both mobile individually:

How to Convert YouTube to M4A on iPhone?

iPhone does not offer many apps like Android Play Store to get any app. It has limited apps due to which most its apps are premium and require monthly credits to run the application. So to get your YouTube video converted first download the following app from the apple app store.

M4A on iPhone

You can also browse for the app in your mobile app store or follow this link to download it from app store to avoid any difficulty. Once you have downloaded and installed the app successfully follow the simple procedure below to convert your favorite YouTube video into M4A format to enjoy it for listening.

Step 1 First you must have your YouTube video downloaded so that you can access it from your input file and now open this app and select the input file which is your YouTube video so select that video and press the next button.

Step 2 After pressing the next button it will show you the option to select the M4A format in which you want to convert the file.

Step 3 Now after selecting the format and clicking on the convert button it will start converting your video into M4A format.

Step 4 Once the video is converted into your desired format, save it to your storage app and access it and enjoy it.

steps of download app

How to Convert YouTube to M4A Online?

This procedure does not require any additional app to convert YouTube video into m4a format you simply have to follow the following websites to do so and convert your video into M4A format and enjoy it and when downloaded and find it from downloaded media in your device gallery or files or music.

This tool YTconverter is famous only for converting youtube to m4a online. Your work is only to copy the URL of the video and paste into this tool to start downloading. Let’s make the procedure very simple.

Step 1 First you will have to go to YouTube app or website and copy the URL of the desired YouTube video by copying it from the browser URL tab or you can copy it by clicking on the share button just below the video and copy the link to the video from thecopy link.

copy url YTconverter

Step 2 Now come back and open the YTconverter website where you have to convert it into another format such as M4A to convert it into audio to enjoy its sound by listening.


Step 3 Now here you will see an option to paste the URL near the start button, to start converting paste the copied YouTube video here. And click on start. Before clicking on the start button make sure the video URL is valid and not corrupt.

paste url YTconverter

Step 4 No go down and below the video you will see an option for output format and select M4A from here and press done to proceed with conversion process of video into your M4A format.

choose the format YTconverter

Step 5 After clicking on done button and proceeding with the video it will start processing and after successful conversion of video it will show you the download option to download. Press on the download button and it will start downloading.

download done YTconverter

How to Convert YouTube to M4A on Chrome/Firefox Extension?

To convert your YouTube video into M4A format a using chrome browser is also possible and quite easy setup. You simply need to download and install this Download helper extension to convert and download your YouTube video into M4A format and then download it finally.

video downloadhelper

After installing and pinning the extension give it excess to the current URL of your YouTube tab to work properly. Follow the steps below to connect and then finally download your desired video in your desired format.

Step 1 First open the YouTube website on your chrome browser where this extension is installed and pinned in order to avoid any confusion.

youtube video to m4a

Step 2 After opening the desired video in chrome YouTube tab where download helper is installed and pinned, now click on the extension it will fetch the current video. You come to the bottom and click on the three dot icon to the conversion option click on it to select the M4A format

choose the format chrome

Step 3 Now you come on the bottom and click on the three dot icon to show the conversion option click on it to select the M4A format for the video and then after converting file, it will show a download option. Once the file is converted into M4A format, the download option will appear click on it to start downloading the respected file.

click download chrome

Step 4 Once the video is downloaded completely it will ask you to select the location where you want to save it. Select the path and enjoy it offline whenever you required it.

find your video anydownload

Bottom Line

Finally, the conversion of youtube to m4a format can improve your sound experience by giving the best quality sound in a compressed file size. Methods to convert YouTube videos to M4A are different for different devices and hence we need separate methods to do so for separate devices and different tools to do so. But this process is not hard to perform you can do this even after a minor understanding of this article.

Using the methods addressed in this blog, one can convert easily your favorite YouTube videos songs, speeches, and podcasts to M4A audio format and get enjoyment by using PPTube downloader. The M4a audio file gives the best sound streaming experience with enhanced sound quality. Improve your sound experience today with the conversion force in M4A.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

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