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3 Best Ways to Convert YouTube to WAV

By Morgan Last Update:May 27, 2024
Category: YT

Imagine you’re looking at a music video on YouTube. Now you want this audio to be kept in your mobile phone so that you can access and hear it later, even if you’re not connected to internet for example when you are enjoying your car ride or just walking on a foot outside the home . In addition, many people focus to listen to Talks between their favorite people, interviews, podcasts or song while you’re dealing with your work.

To want this video music into your mobile you preferably want this in audio because you only want to listen it and don’t want to watch video of the song. So you will have to convert this video file into audio format to do so WAV extension for this audio to save and listen it later. This blog post is basically about how to convert youtube to wav audio format. Let’s start it.

What is WAV and Why Choosing WAV?

WAV, stands for Waveform Audio File Format. It is a subset of the Microsoft Resource Interchange audio file Format designated for saving audio files digitally. The format does not applicable on any household flow compression and saves audio records at various frequency or bit rates. It was and was one of the basic audio CD formats. Most people prefer WAV over other audio formats because of following specifications of WAV format.

Specifications of WAV audio format:

  • Not compressing the audio data
  • Lossless storage
  • Gives original audio
  • Highest possible sound quality
  • Works same as .mp3 audio extension
  • Dynamic range and greater bit depth range

How to Convert YouTube to WAV on Your Computer? [PC and MAC]

If you want to convert your desired youtube to wav format then you will have to go for an application or software which will do it for you. So to do so you will have to first download and then install PPTube downloader on your PC/Laptop and for Mac book.

After downloading and installing the application successfully from official website of PPTube you will have to follow following steps to convert your YouTube video into your WAV audio format. So follow the steps below to convert your video into WAV.

Key Features

  • Supports 10000+ video streaming sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP4, M4A, MOV, MP3, etc
  • 10x Faster Download Speed compared with the other downloaders
  • Provides a maximum bit rate of 320kbps MP3, 4K, and 8K video downloading from Youtube
  • YouTube playlist downloader with the ability to download any playlist with just a single click
  • Supports to download various music files in different formats
30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 1 To get started with PPTube is very easy, you simply need to copy the link of the video from YouTube. You can copy the link from the browser URL search tab and also by clicking on the share button on the video you want to get converted to WAV.

copy youtube video url

Step 2 Now select the WAV format by clicking on the drop-down menu near the download to button in the top right of the download tab of the app. Click on it to select the WAV format for the video in which it is to be converted.

choose wav format

Step 3 After you have copied the link and selected the WAV format you simply open the PPTube and go to its download button at its top left to first download the video by pasting the URL in its paste URL section. Click on the add URL option to add the video link and then after pasting the link click the download button to start downloading.

wav format download

Step 4 After clicking on downloading, it will start downloading the video in WAV format automatically and once it is downloaded completely you can access it from the downloaded option in the download tab of PPTube.

wav downloaded

How to Convert YouTube to WAV Online?

wav online tool

Besides PPTube, other tools also help us do the same task as done by PPTube youtube to wave. It helps you a lot in converting video into WAV format. As these tools are online, they can give varying quality if the internet connection is not stable. So among many online tools, one of them is Yout website, which offers good quality online conversion and download of converted audio files. TO convert files using this online website, you follow the steps below to do so:

Step 1 To proceed with this tool, you must have the link to the YouTube video you want to convert. Copy the link of the video from your respected browser URL search bar copy by sharing the option in the YouTube video.

copy url wav Online

Step 2 Now Paste the copied URL in its paste URL section and it will automatically jump to the download page after processing for a few seconds depending upon the video size.

paste url wav online

Step 3 Now after clicking on the start button it will proceed and will move you down the page and there you will see an option to select the format in which you want to download the video. Select the format WAV from there and click shift to WAV after selecting the video duration.

After selecting the format and clicking on shift to WAV it will show a download button after you process for a few seconds select the video duration to convert and then after some time it will show a download button for your converted file.

download video wav online

How to Convert YouTube to WAV on Chrome/Firefox Extension?

wav chrome

If you want to convert YouTube video into WAV audio and also want to download using Chrome browser or Firefox browser, you can do this by using Chrome extension. This is an extension name SAMPLE that helps you convert your youtube to wav converter and helps you download the file. The process of using this Google Chrome extension is very simple and is explained in the steps below:

Step 1 The first step to use this process after downloading and adding a sample extension to your Chrome browser and Firefox is to open YouTube in the tab of Chrome browser where an extension has access to this page or URL. Now open your desired YouTube video in the browser so that it can be fetched by browser extension to work properly.

open video wav chrome

Step 2 After you have opened the desired YouTube video in your Chrome tab where extension has excess to that URL or that video, let the video play for a few seconds and then click on the extension to proceed further.

open chrome tool wav chrome

Step 3 On clicking the extension you will see that video is fetched by extension and is ready to convert. You have to go to the settings section or option by clicking on the settings icon in the extension to select the format in which you want to convert your YouTube video.

choose format wav chrome

Step 4 After selecting the WAV format for your video you click on the record button to start recording your video into WAV format and select the duration for which you want to convert the video.

Now click on the red button to stop the recording if the recording is completed for your desired duration, and then click on the download button to start downloading the WAV file so that you can access it offline.

start recording wav chrome

3 Other Excellent Tools for Converting YouTube to WAV

Besides using Sample Chrome extension and Yout online website, other tools help you convert youtube to wav format and also help you download the WAV file, which goes in its recording sections, and you can download that later. The steps to use these online websites to convert the video into a WAV file and then download it are described below:

1. Ontiva

Ontiva is one of the free online YouTube to any format converter and video downloader online tools. It gives the best conversion quality. It also allows you download from youtube to wav and any other format you want. It ensures that the video quality and the audio formats in which it converts the video must retain their original properties. Follow the steps below to use it to download your YouTube video in WAV format using this tool.

Step 1 At first, you will have to copy the link to the YouTube video that you want to convert using this online tool. So copy the link by the browser URL tab or by clicking on the share button of the YouTube video.

copy url

Step 2 When you have copied the desired URL of your YouTube video you come to this website paste the copied URL in the paste URL option and click on Start Now to proceed further.

paste url ontiva

Step 3 After clicking on the Start Now button, it will move you down where you can see a look where you can see each format with a download option, and at the bottom, you will see the download option for the WAV file.

After you have selected the format WAV, you click on the download button to download the file and get in to your device.

choose format ontiva

2. Youtubetowav

As the name represents, Youtubetowav converts YouTube videos only to WAV format. So, to get started with it is very easy. You need only the link to the YouTube video that you want to download in WAV format. It is user-friendly and retains original audio quality, as presented in the YouTube video. It is a very fast process compared to other online converter tools as it offers conversions in only one wav format. Follow the steps below to use it:

Step 1 First, copy the URL of your desired YouTube video by opening the YouTube video in the browser, or you can copy this link by clicking on the share button on the YouTube video.

copy url

Step 2 When you have copied the URL of your video, follow this link to come to this site, which helps you convert your YouTube video into WAV format for free of cost. Paste your copied URL here to proceed further.

paste url youtubetowav

Step 3 After you have pasted the link there, it will show you download convert youtube to wav click on it to download, and then enjoy it.

download youtubetowav

3. 4kdownload

4Kdownload offers a fast and efficient way to download high-quality videos with a simple and user-friendly interface. It is the best downloader app for multiple main or famous websites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can download your videos here only through their link. One link is enough to work properly for this tool to convert and download the file.

Step 1 To proceed with it simply, copy the link of the YouTube video that you want to convert into your desired format which in the case is WAV audio format.

copy url

Step 2 Now, simply open this website, which offers you a tool to convert YouTube videos to WAV. Form here you put your video URL here in its paste URL option to move forward.

download 4kdownload

Step 3 After you have pasted the URL in it, select the WAV format by clicking on the format button near the download button on the left. Select the WAV format from the bottom of the formats.

After you have selected the WAV format click on download button to start downloading the WAV file for you. Once downloaded you can enjoy it offline.

choose format 4kdownload


1. Is it Safe to Convert YouTube Videos to WAV?

Yes, it is not illegal work to convert YouTube videos to WAV. As YouTube has no option to download or convert format, we use indirect methods and some tools to do so. YouTube knows well about these activities of downloading its videos and their conversion.

2. Is WAV better than MP3?

WAV files are better than MP3 files, but they are not always the same case. Sometimes, when a wave file is compressed, its quality is lost as the bit range is also decreased. Therefore, WAV is better when it is uncompressed.

3. Does the converter damage the quality of the video?

Most converters do not damage the quality of a file that is converted from one format to another format. The quality can be damaged only when the file is compressed and also if the format in which it is being converted is built in such a way that it decreases the quality then it is possible.

4. What kind of software could I open a WAV document?

Winamp is the best application for Windows and MacBook to play WAV audio files. It also supports other audio formats such as mp3, and m4a to work. On Android, we can go for a VLC media player that supports streaming WAV format.

5. What is the best WAV bit depth?

The best bit rate is 32-bit depth, as it gives maximum quality and possibly the original sound. This bit depth rate is also best for mixing, recording, and professional video editing. Moreover, this bit depth rate is enough to create the best music.

Bottom Line

Finally, using a YouTube converter in WAV makes it easy to access your favorite YouTube content, its enjoyment, and its sharing. Understanding the benefits, selection criteria, and legality of these converters, consumers can make informed decisions to meet their needs for video conversion while assuring they follow copyright law.

All tools help convert youtube to wav but some of them have some limitations. PPTube downloader work more reliably, but it also performs best when you are required to convert many videos to WAV files at the same time. Understand your needs and follow the best method for your preferences.

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