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What To Do If SaveTheVideo Down? Don’t Panic! Here’s Why and How to Fix It

By Jasmine Austin Last Update:January 18, 2024
Category: Video

Do you love to watch Facebook videos? Do you wish to share it? You can do this with the SaveTheVideo tool. Sometimes, you like YouTube and want to save it for later access, but top sites like YouTube and Facebook restrict downloads. So, the next time you wish to download these videos to share them further, use SaveTheVideo.

SaveTheVideo is a famous software that lets you download and save videos from top sites. The software lets you download videos to watch offline, but what if SaveTheVideo is Not Working? You’re not alone! Although SaveTheVideo is a powerful tool that allows easy video download choices, sometimes it fails. So, what’s next? What to do if SaveTheVideo suddenly crashes? Know how to fix the issue. Keep reading to know the most innovative way to download videos.


Why SaveTheVideo Isn’t Downloading Your Videos?

SaveTheVideo is a safe and handy software widely used for downloading videos from popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This platform ensures quick downloading, but sometimes, the software isn’t working. What do you do if you like but can’t download a video with the SaveTheVideo platform?

Savethevideo isn’t working, but why? There are various reasons why such software suddenly stops downloading videos. Some of these reasons are mentioned.

🔹Slow Internet Connectivity

Savethevideo is an online video downloader that only works with a well-working network. Slow internet acts as a big issue for easy downloading. Even a minor disturbance in your internet connection may slow down or even stop the downloading process.

🔹Unwanted Advertisement

This helpful software follows a malicious practice for easy monetization. As a result, several promotional ads are running across the downloader. Users mustn’t click any of these promotional advertisements. An unwanted click may lead to downloading malware. Sometimes, these clicks hang your screen for quite a long.

🔹Device Incompatibility

SaveTheVideo works well only with definite devices, and it is always important to check the device compatibility before downloading and installing the app. It is equally essential to check for viruses in your devices before downloading. The existing viruses may interrupt the downloading process with this software.

🔹Software Crashing Problem

You may continue downloading bulk videos efficiently using SaveTheVideo until you get a 404 error message. Downloading bulk videos may result in error messages that interrupt the downloading processes. The software suddenly crashes, requiring you to complete the downloading process again.

Network issues, device incompatibility, Unsupported browsers, blocked URLs, and sudden website updates are some of the common issues that need to be addressed in case the SaveTheVideo app stops downloading.

Diagnosing and Repairing Major Issues with SaveTheVideo Tool Using Fix-It Toolbox

If SaveTheVideo suddenly stops working because of any of the above issues, don’t worry. There are simple fixes to each problem. Check below:

🔹Check for the Internet Connection

Sometimes, interrupted video download is due to an improper internet connection. Check for easy availability of fast-speed internet before starting your video downloading process with SaveTheVideo.

🔹Scan Device for Virus

SaveTheVideo not working issue is often because your system is corrupted with Malware and viruses. The viruses on your devices may result in improper downloading. Follow these steps for easy scanning of your device:

Step 1: Make sure your device has an antivirus. If not, download a trusted antivirus

Step 2: Install and open the antivirus scanner on your device.

Step 3: Now choose the Scan option.

Step 4: The scanner will detect viruses, if any. Click Delete in the pop-up to delete the viruses.

Step 5: Once the virus is deleted, open the SaveTheVideo and try downloading videos again.

Cautious Before Clicking Advertisements

Suppose you see advertisements while downloading videos with SaveTheVideo. Do not click any of these promotional videos to avoid interruptions.

Use a Repair ToolKit

There are times when you end up downloading a corrupted MP4 file. Use a free online repair toolkit to repair a wrongly converted video file.

Is It Safe to Download Videos With SaveTheVideo?

Only some popular and readily available apps ensure guaranteed results. Even though Savethevideo offers an easy way to download videos, it has loopholes. Even when quick fixes are suggested for significant issues, sometimes problems are beyond the fix.

SaveTheVideo runs malicious advertisements that may lead to the downloading of suspicious malware to your devices if clicked. These unknown viruses and malware are often risky. Hence, using Savethevideo creates a threat to users’ privacy.

Users quickly get prone to malicious activities while using this downloader. If used regularly, the downloader may cause PC performance deterioration, loss of personal information, and even financial losses. It is thus essential to use Savethevideo with proper caution.

Choose a Safe and Smooth Sailing with PPTube Video Downloader


Savethevideo is not working. What to do? Don’t worry. Use SaveTheVideo Alternative software to enjoy easy video downloading with enhanced security. When Savethevideo stops working, you can not sit and wait for it to work again to resume your downloading process. In such cases, it is always better to search for an alternative.

PPTube Video Downloader is an easy-to-use software that ensures accurate downloads without fear of malware or viruses. The downloader takes care of the user’s privacy and does not obtain any personal information. The excellent downloader is a reliable and legal alternative to SaveTheVideo. There are multiple features that this downloader offers; check a few here:

✨Top Features of PPTube Video Downloader✨

  • Faster downloads: PPTube lets you download multiple videos in bulk at a speed of 10X. It works well without interruptions or crashes and ensures assured results when downloading videos from top sites.
  • Compatible Formats: The powerful video downloader lets you download from around 10,000 video sites and supports downloading in over 20 file formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, AAC, etc.
  • Maintaining User Privacy: PPTube Video Downloader lets you download without asking for personal information. It keeps the privacy of users in all ways.
  • No Trap Links: Downloading videos with PPTube is easy. The downloader restricts opening any additional pop-ups or windows during the downloading process.
  • Maintains Video Privacy: The downloader also maintains the privacy of the downloaded videos. It supports a private video mode that saves videos in a password-protected folder.
  • Download Without Watermarks or Ads: The PPTube video downloader lets you enjoy videos offline without watermarks or advertisements. The platform does not promote any advertisements.

A Quick Guide to Download Videos Using PPTube

The powerful yet easy-to-use PPTube Video Downloader lets you download videos easily. Check the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Install PPTube Video Downloader 

Install PPTube Video Downloader and then open PPTube.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2: Find and copy your Favourite Video URL 

Open the video site to search for your favorite video. Play the video and copy the URL.


Step 3: Select the Desirable Output Format.

Here, you may select the preferred video format. Click on Download and Convert To to start the process.


Step 4: Paste the URL

Click “Paste the URL ” of the video in the PPTube Video Downloader and save video to your PC.



It is essential to choose reliable software for easy video downloading. SaveTheVideo does not hold a reputation for being the safest video downloader. It is thus necessary to choose trustworthy software for easy download. SaveTheVideo no longer works. Choose PPTube downloader instead. The downloader acts as a reliable video downloader for enjoying videos offline.

PPTube Video Downloader is the most reliable and trustworthy downloader for downloading videos from top video websites. The downloader has an intuitive interface that lets users enjoy easy video downloading. Using PPTube is safe because it cares for users’ security and ensures their privacy is unaffected. Use PPTube over SaveTheVideo to enjoy unlimited video downloads without failure or crash.

Bonus Tips:

PPTube Video Downloader also lets you download bulk videos at once. Use the batch downloading feature of PPTube to copy and paste multiple video URLs. Enjoy a playlist of your favorite video offline with PPTube.

30,000,000+ Downloads
10,000,000+ Downloads
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